Public Administration and Policy is pleased to announce that Yujung Jung has been selected as March MPA Student of the Month!

Yujung is a first-year Master of Public Administration student who is interested in refugee resettlement and affirmative action policy. She is currently working at the International Center of the Carl Vinson Institute for Government (CVIOG) as a graduate research assistant. She works with South Korean public officials on their research about governments and policies. She is currently assisting Georgia representative Sam Park with the resolution of promoting peace on the Korean Peninsula. Also, she is translating his weekly newsletter in Korean to make Georgia a more welcoming state.

Before beginning the MPA program at UGA, Yujung worked at E-Wide, an IT company in South Korea, and came to the United States to learn more about human-computer interaction. She received the Full Stack Web Development certificate at Georgia Institute of Technology. But things have changed since her country started to have issues with refugees from Yemen. The government was not fully ready for refugees, and people did not know how to handle them. She was shocked by how the government reacted and decided to learn more about how policy is made and how government works so that she could be a help for not only refugees but also for the government.

Yujung recently attended the Conference of Minority Administrators sponsored by a donor and the department. She was grateful to have a chance to learn about the importance of having a representative government, and making an inclusive community is crucial in a democratic society.

After a long day, Yujung enjoys good cold beer with her husband. When beer does not help her feel better, she usually takes a long stroll with her furry friend named Winston, who came all the way from South Korea so that she could keep up the good work.

Congratulations Yujung!