Workshops on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence in Pedagogy and Course Content

These are workshops, hosted by SPIA, for any and all faculty seeking to promote diverse authorship, ideas, and other content in course materials and in developing intentional approaches to inclusive pedagogy. SPIA partners with invited experts (e.g., from the UGA Office of Institutional Diversity) to work on inclusive pedagogical practices and discuss diversity and inclusive excellence in our areas of expertise.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Syllabus Workshop, July 28, 2021
Human Rights Research

Human rights enable people to live lives of dignity and “to fully develop and use our human qualities, our intelligence, our talents, and our conscience and to satisfy our spiritual and other needs” (United Nations, 1987). SPIA’s Department of International Affairs, a leader in the area of human rights scholarship, offers multiple opportunities for students to engage directly in the research and on the analysis of human rights performance across geographical contexts.