The Verona Maymester Study Abroad program is a six-week program that introduces students to the study of global issues by exposing them to diverse topics in an international setting in which their perspectives may be broadened. Courses are offered in a number of disciplines. including globalization, the international economy, legislative systems, conflict, and socio-cultural, economic, and political development.

About Verona

Verona is a picturesque and romantic city located between Venice (75 minutes by train) and Milan (90 minutes by train) in northeastern Italy. The city serves as the provincial capitol of the Veneto Province. Verona is best known as being the location of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette,” its ancient Roman arena, the beautiful piazzas, and Veronese food. The old town and the center of the modern city are in a loop of the Adige River and is proximate to the Lake Garda Resort area.

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