The SPIA Survey Research Center at the University of Georgia fielded a survey of likely 2020 general election voters in the state of Georgia from February 24th through March 2nd. This survey was designed to give an early look at the presidential and special U.S. Senate elections coming up in November.

In head-to-head matchups between Trump and Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg, and Warren the president maintained a statistically significant lead in Georgia over all four Democratic candidates (Buttigieg and Klobuchar were also included, but both withdrew from the race while our survey was still in the field). Trump had the greatest lead against Sanders (+11.5) and the smallest lead against Bloomberg (+8.1).

  • Trump 51.4% vs. Biden 43.1%
  • Trump 52.4% vs. Sanders 40.9
  • Trump 49.7% vs. Bloomberg 41.6%
  • Trump 51.8% vs. Warren 41.6%

In the special U.S. Senate race to be held in November to fill the remainder of now retired Senator Isakson, Republican Congressman Doug Collins sat atop the leader board with 20.6% of the vote, followed closely behind by incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler at 19.1%. The difference between these two candidates, at 1.5 points, is not statistically significant. In other words, Collins and Loeffler are statistically tied. The Democrat with the highest vote share in our poll in Matt Lieberman with 11.2%. The remaining votes (14.1%) were split among the other three Democratic candidates and one Independent in the race. It is clear, however, that many Georgia voters have yet to make up their minds concerning this contest. A plurality, 31.2%, indicated they were still undecided.

Finally, among likely general election voters in Georgia, a majority of those polled (53.5%) somewhat approved or strongly approved of Trump’s job as president. On the other side, 45.8% somewhat approved or strongly disapproved of his performance.

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