Interested in making a difference in the lives of citizens within organizations at the local, state or federal level? There is no more impactful and satisfying career path than that of a public affairs leader. The University of Georgia and its partners in the local, state and federal government seek the next class of paid Emerging Leaders Interns who will spend 8 to 11 weeks interning in local, state or federal government offices, in the nonprofit sector, and in public-facing operations of private businesses during the academic or summer term. This is an incredible opportunity to gain experience in the areas of public policy, public services, public/private partnerships, public safety, and public well-being.

The application process is simple. Submit your resume and a short statement (no longer than 1-page, single-spaced) about why the Emerging Leaders Internship is a good fit for your interests. Additionally, students must also satisfy at least two of the following conditions: (1) history of overcoming unique challenges; (2) first generation college student; (3) member of a low income family; (4) reside in a rural or inner-city location; (5) raised in a single parent household. Please address these conditions, as they apply to you, in your short statement.

Submit your application materials directly to Kathryn Veale ([email protected]) at the UGA School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) or contact Kathryn at 706-542-8534 for more information. Your application will be considered by a committee which will select prospective candidates for internships. SPIA and its UGA partners will facilitate contacts between candidate interns and candidate intern sponsors in government and nonprofit agencies. The sponsors will make the final selection, and the intern experience will begin in either the academic or summer term. All internships are paid. Awardees will also complete a project or activity related to their internship that is shared with the UGA and SPIA community