Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the Dean of the School to bolster SPIA’s reputation with external constituencies, such as alumni, donors, prospective students, and citizens of the local, state and global community.  They do this by assisting with events, participating in efforts to build philanthropic support, and promoting the School in their personal and professional networks. In serving as an ambassador, students gain a greater understanding of the School and its priorities and have access to exclusive opportunities to interact with notable alumni and donors throughout the year.

2021-2022 SPIA Ambassador Application are closed. Please check back in February 2022 for more information!


Ayah Abdelwahab
Major: International Affairs and Economics
Minor: Arabic

Ayah Abdelwahab is interested in pursuing a career in policy analysis and research. As an international affairs and economics double major, she has gained a strong interest in analyzing how economic policies around the globe impact respect for human rights. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school and hopes to work in human rights advocacy. To pursue this goal, she is involved with various organizations on campus. Along with being a SPIA Ambassador, Ayah is serving as Legislative Director for the Spencer Frye Fellowship, president of SPIA Student Union, and co-president of Amnesty International at UGA. She also conducts research with the GLOBIS Human Rights Lab and is an honors teaching assistant. She is excited to be returning as an ambassador for SPIA this year and looks forward to connecting and sharing her love for SPIA with students, alumni, and visitors.


Mennah Abdelwahab
Major: International Affairs and Journalism
Minors: Arabic and Law, Jurisprudence, and the State
Certificate: Global Studies

After graduation, Mennah Abdelwahab would like to pursue a joint J.D. Ph.D. program with a focus on human rights and international law. She currently conducts research in human rights with Dr. Clay, and this research has motivated her to make human rights a central part of her academic career. She also serves as an Honors Teaching Assistant, which has motivated her to integrate teaching into her career. When Mennah came into college, she knew she wanted an education that would help her formulate a career geared towards helping others. Of course, a dedication to service is viable in any field. SPIA made the most sense because it combined her desire to serve with her interest in politics. Her classes have allowed her to understand the various structures that exist in the international framework and how they benefit and harm various communities. She hopes to use this understanding to assist those communities which are often forgotten on a global scale. Throughout her time in SPIA, she has seen how dedicated professors are to helping their students excel, both academically and professionally. UGA can feel like such a large school sometimes, but SPIA makes this large campus feel so much smaller. As a SPIA ambassador, she hopes to share her experiences in SPIA with other UGA students, prospective students, and all of UGA’s wonderful visitors.


Sarah Allen
Major: Political Science and International Affairs
Minors: General Business and Health Policy and Management
Certificate: Applied Politics

Sarah Allen is an International Affairs and Political Science double-major, with a minor in General Business. She expects to graduate in May of 2022. After graduation, Sarah Allen plans on attending graduate school to study international relation. She plans on pursuing a career in foreign affairs and international policy. Through SPIA’s GLOBIS program, Sarah had the opportunity to study abroad in Scotland during the summer of 2019. Sarah currently serves as a SPIA Ambassador and as the Director of Programming for the Student Government Association. She also works in University Housing as a Community Service Assistant.


Jacob Andrade
Major: Political Science
Minor: Sociology

Being a first generation American, Jacob Andrade has many goals that he wants to accomplish in life. After he graduates from the University of Georgia, he hopes to attend law school where he will practice immigration or criminal law. Law has always been a passion for him as he has always wanted to be the person to help those in need and bring justice to them. While Jacob hopes to become a lawyer in the future, his ultimate goal is to become an ambassador for the United States as he would love the world and hope to travel to every country someday. The thing he loves the most about the University of Georgia is how diverse the school is and how it is so easy to get involved. Being a SPIA ambassador, he is excited to get involved in the program and meet great and amazing people within the UGA community and its’ students.


Eli Banzon
Major: Political Science and Public Relations
Minor: Sports Management

Eli Banzon is a second-year student from Alpharetta, Georgia majoring in Political Science and Public Relations with a minor in Sport Management. At UGA, he has been involved with the Student Government Association as a member of First-Year Forum. In addition to SGA and being a SPIA Ambassador, he is also an active member of the Catholic Student Association and Filipino Student Association. As a Sophomore, he still has a lot to learn and looks forward to utilizing SPIA’s various resources to study abroad, partake in experiential learning opportunities, and network with alumni. After graduation, he currently hopes to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration and a career in political communications.


Zoe Booth
Major: International Affairs and Economics

Zoe Booth is a third year International Affairs and Economics major! involved with WIT tutoring, SPIA ambassadors, and her sorority on campus. She is interested in pursuing a career in government relations after graduation, particularly as a lobbyist where she would have a direct impact on legislation about important issues.




Nicholas Byrd
Major: Political Science and International Affairs

Nicholas Byrd is passionate about civic education and how governmental systems are impacted by civic literacy. He is a member of the Tate Society and the Wesley Foundation. He also serves as an Advisor/Advocate for University Judiciary in addition to working as a student poll worker for the SPIA Survey Research Center. During his time at UGA, he hopes to take advantage of many opportunities offered to SPIA students such as the Washington Semester Program and the Oxford Study Abroad Program. After graduation, he desires to obtain a law degree so that he can work for the federal government.



Liliana Chanler
Major: International Affairs
Minors: Spanish and Global Health

Liliana Chanler grew up in Atlanta, a city renowned for its civil rights leaders that helped transform American civil liberties and culture. Inspired by Atlanta’s history and societal impact, she volunteered for various local political campaigns and nonprofit organizations which further lead to her enthusiasm for public policy and administration. Liliana is currently in her fourth year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and a master’s degree in Public Administration through the Double Dawg program, Class of 2023. Following graduation, she plans to travel to Spain to teach students English and immerse herself in the culture while perfecting her Spanish-speaking skills. Liliana will then apply to law school to pursue Civil Rights Law. She strives to represent female voices that have been suppressed for generations within politics, business and various sectors, while likewise inspiring other underrepresented groups. SPIA has provided Liliana with a supportive community and extraordinary opportunities to give her the confidence and skills she needs to succeed. She is honored to represent the highly respected School of Public and International Affairs.


Annabelle Rae Cochran
Major: International Affairs
Minor: Horticulture
Certificate: Global Studies

After graduating from UGA, Annabelle Cochran plans to attend law school to study human rights and immigration law where she intends to focus a career on refugee rights and food security. She hopes to attend a university in Washington, D.C where she will be afforded opportunities to work with non-governmental organizations to promote sustainability in refugee flows. Eventually, following the end of her educational career, Annabelle has ambitions to work for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or practice refugee law. Coming to the University of Georgia, she felt drawn to SPIA not only because of the diversity in its student body and classes but also because of the wide array of research interests and opportunities the school provides to its students. In her time at UGA, she has had the chance to capitalize on these experiences through both research in international security and through extra-curricular activities such as Model United Nations, Refugee Outreach, and Undergraduate Research. These organizations, along with course-work and the dedication of her professors, have created an environment that promotes a social network of like-minded individuals committed to both their studies and global betterment, which she believes is largely unique to SPIA. This is an environment that she is looking to further build upon as a SPIA ambassador to create a welcoming and inclusive standard for all students.


Alex Fabre de la Grange   
Major: International Affairs
Minors: Arabic and French

Alex Fabre de la Grange was born in London, UK and moved to the United States when she was 4 years old. She has a French, British, and an American citizenship as of 2015. Alex is majoring in International Affairs with minors in French and Arabic. She is currently involved in several organizations on campus, such as the UGA club equestrian team and SPIA Student Union. She is a Security Leadership Program fellow, and authored a research paper on gender equity in terrorism cases. She has participated in the Washington Semester Program, and interned at the National Defense University in the Spring of 2021. For the summer of 2021, she will be interning at AEI’s Critical Threat’s Project on Salafi Jihadi movement. Alex is passionate about the Middle East, Iran, counterterrorism, and national security and is interested in the intelligence, diplomacy, and defense fields. This is her first year as a SPIA Ambassador, and she is very excited to represent SPIA!


Fernanda Flores
Major: International Affairs and Political Science
Certificate: Legal Studies

Fernanda was born and raised in Mexico City. When she was 14 years old, her family moved to Suwanee, GA. After graduating high school in 2019, she came to UGA and found a home. Her freshman year, she was involved with SGA’s FYP Connect and as a second-year, she was part of SGA’s Executive Cabinet. Fernanda also works at the Survey Research Center. After graduating next spring, Fernanda plans to go to law school. She is very excited to be a SPIA Ambassador. GO DAWGS!



Emily Gayle
Graduate Degree Program: Master of Public Administration

As an out-of-state student from South Carolina, Emily Gayle has had a unique experience at the University of Georgia and in the School of Public and International Affairs. When she was a freshman, she harped on the opportunity to get involved in SPIA because it offered so many paths of opportunity in her education, career, and networks. She has been able to expand her studies and interests in public and nonprofit management as she hopes to work in museum administration and education programming one day. SPIA-related organizations and programs, such as the SPIA Student Union and Washington Semester Program, have provided her with platforms in which she has made lifelong friends and built connections with SPIA staff and professors. Due to her engagement and studies in SPIA, she has been allotted several amazing internship opportunities at the local and national levels of government and in the private sector to expand her professional network. Moving forward, she hopes to extend her personal and professional horizons through the SPIA Ambassador Program.


Dinah Gorayeb
Major: International Affairs and Economics
Minors: Arabic

Dinah Gorayeb is a second-year student studying both International Affairs and Economics with a minor in Arabic. She was born in Manaus, Brazil and moved to the United States when she was 14 years old. She has since lived in Canton, Georgia, where she began her career and studies in activism, and national and international politics. On campus, Dinah is involved with the Spencer Frye Fellowship, Period Project at UGA, the Loch Johnson Society, and the Climate and Society Club at UGA. After graduation, she would like to go to law school to study international law and pursue a career in international affairs and/or immigration law, where she can expand her horizons and continue her career as an activist!


Nicole Goshorn
Major: International Affairs and Political Science

Nicole Goshorn is originally from Myrtle Beach, SC. As a first-year student, she jumped into all the opportunities SPIA had to offer, such as joining SPIA Student Union. Additionally, she got to study abroad her freshman year through the UGA at Oxford Program and was part of the SPIA Spring 2018 class. Following her stint abroad, Nicole picked up political science as a major and found an interest in domestic politics. Although an out-of-state student, Nicole has embraced Georgia state and local politics and governance. When she was a sophomore, she secured an internship with the Athens Downtown Development Authority through the SPIA Emerging Leaders Internship Program in its inaugural year. Through this experience she developed an appreciation for economic development and saw the impact and enforcement of state legislation. This past spring semester, Nicole had the opportunity to intern with Troutman Pepper Strategies for the 2021 legislative session with the Georgia General Assembly. During her time under the Gold Dome, she interacted with many different legislators and government affairs professionals, witnessing and assisting her team in the legislative process. This opportunity resulted in her pursuit of a career in government relations. Following her graduation this December, she will return to intern again with Troutman for the legislative session and is contemplating a return to school to get a Master in Public Administration.


Niclas Hammontree
Major: International Affairs

Niclas Hammontree is a third-year student studying International Affairs and is on the Double Dawgs Pathway for the Master of International Policy (MIP) Program. He plans on working within the Security Studies field after graduation. He has a particular interest in American foreign policy with China, and hopes to deepen his understanding of this topic in the MIP program. He has also been involved in campus both through extracurricular organizations and employment. By working on campus, he has been able to gain a stronger appreciation for the campus and each individual that makes it function. Although he was unable to experience the study abroad program at Oxford University due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he hopes to gain international experience within the coming years.


Alexa Hernandez
Major: International Affairs and Political Science
Certificate: Public Affairs

Alexa Hernandez is a fourth-year student from Thomasville, Georgia, studying Political Science and International Affairs, while pursuing a certificate in Public Affairs. At the University of Georgia, she is on the Secretariat for Model United Nations as the Secretary General (President) and the Georgia Museum of Art Student Association as the Vice President. Outside of the University, she has worked as a Communications Intern for Historic Athens, which is a non-profit focusing on the historic preservation of Athens, and currently work as a Student Assistant in the Map and Government Information Library. She hopes to become a contract lawyer in the future, but as of now I am interested in researching topics in political psychology, far-right politics, and/or international diplomacy.


Christina Hitchcock
Major: Political Science and Communication Studies

Being a SPIA Ambassador, Christina Hitchcock is very proud to be a part of such a specific yet broad school at UGA. Following a pre-law path, her two majors blend together so perfectly that every class feels practical and useful for her future. She is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law fraternity, where she has been able to meet others going through the same experiences as well as network with some of the best law schools. Christina has also participated in the Washington Semester Program, where she interned with the Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section.



Simi Kolodka
Major: International Affairs and Russian
Minor: Law, Jurisprudence, and the State

Simi Kolodka is a rising third year student studying International Affairs and Russian, with a minor in Law, Jurisprudence, and the State. In addition, she is a cohort student within the UGA Russian Flagship Program, and a fellow within the Richard B. Russel Security Leadership Program. As an active member of her community, she is a subcommittee head for UGA HEROs, the incoming Director of Fundraising for UGA Food2Kids, and an avid participant in research, having presented her independent studies on gendered violence at the SPIA Undergraduate Research Colloquium. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a masters and/or J.D. within the fields of security studies, public policy, and/or international law. She is excited to be representing SPIA, and grateful for the many opportunities the school has provided her!


Kimberly Lopez
Graduate Degree Program: Master of Public Administration

Kimberly Lopez’s future plan is to work for either a nonprofit or the state government. Her ultimate goal is to help with the criminal justice reform and immigration reform. Originally, she was majoring in a different field as a freshman then everything changed once she took Intro to Global Studies with Dr. Carmichael. Taking this class made her realize where she was best fit. As a student, she truly feels SPIA professors and instructors make students feel heard and valued. They push their students to challenge the status quo and give them the building blocks to figure out major problems. She joined SPIA Ambassadors to be able to share the amazing experience it is to be a SPIA student. This program has also taught her that if you want to be part of the change to make a better tomorrow, SPIA is the place to be. After three years into this ambassadorship program she is continuously amazed by the staff, student body, and alumni. She is honored and excited to be able to continue on with this program as a Master of Public Administration candidate.


Allie Maloney
Major: Political Science
Minor: International Affairs

Allie has always been passionate about politics and social justice issues. Through this past year of being in SPIA, she has been able to expand her knowledge in politics and international affairs and been exposed to a wide variety of careers in the field. She is currently a student assistant at the SPIA Survey Research Center and is excited to get involved in more opportunities SPIA has to offer. After graduating she hopes to work for a Human Rights NGO.



Samuel Marks
Major: Political Science and History

Samuel Marks is a second year at UGA. He serves as the Director of Community Relations in UGA’s Student Government Association, Dawg Camp Rise Counselor, works in University Housing as a Resident Assistant at Brown Hall, and is a Georgia African American Male Experience scholar. Samuel is majoring in Political Science and History with pre-law intent. He hopes to work as an attorney one day increasing the representation of people of color in the field of law. As a second year, Samuel is excited to get more involved in SPIA and connect with UGA students, prospective students, professors, and all visitors.



Maggie Martin
Major: Political Science and Public Relations

Maggie Martin, a third year student, is passionate about people and communicating to better understand one another. She describes her double majors of Political Science and Public Relations a combination of what she’s always cared about most. She is involved around campus through memberships with SPIA Honor Society of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, is on the layout team the Georgia Political Review magazine, Delta Zeta panhellenic sorority, Relay for Life’s marketing committee, and Public Relations Student Society of America. While she is unsure what the future holds for her career, she is optimistic and excited to continue learning.



Emily Mayfield
Major: Political Science
Minors: Communication Studies; Criminal Justice; General Business
Certificates: Legal Studies and Leadership and Service

Emily Mayfield is from Alpharetta, Georgia and plans to graduate in the Spring of 2022. She is currently majoring in Political Science with minors in Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, and General Business. She is also earning certificates in Legal Studies as well as Leadership and Service. While being at UGA, Emily has been involved in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, as Capitan for ‘Panhellenic Hearts Athens’ and is on the Recruitment Executive Board for Fall 2021. Additionally, she is a member of Phi Alpha Delta, the pre-law fraternity, and works as a legal runner at Fortson, Bentley & Griffin, P.A.. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend law school to obtain her J.D. degree and plans to pursue a career in corporate law. SPIA has given her the opportunity to succeed here at UGA and she is delighted to have the chance to give back to the program.


Neely McCommons
Major: International Affairs and Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Minors: Spanish; Portuguese; Women’s Studies

Neely McCommons is a second-year student studying International Affairs and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. After graduation she plans to volunteer with the Peace Corps in Latin America and then potentially attend law school. Long-term Neely hopes to work for a non-profit working with refugees in and from Latin America or practice immigration law. In addition to being a SPIA Ambassador, Neely is a part of the Portuguese Flagship Program, Collegiate 4-H, and will be working as a Residents Assistant in Myers Hall. Neely is thankful for the opportunity that SPIA has provided for her to focus and learn about her many passions including immigration and U.S. foreign policy with Latin America and find a way to combine these interests into a plan for a professional career.


Dedan McFadden
Major: Political Science and International Affairs
Certificate: Applied Politics

Dedan McFadden is a senior from Warner Robins, Georgia pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Affairs with a certificate in Applied Politics. During his time on campus, Dedan has been involved with Georgia Political Review, the SPIA Survey Research Center, UGA Greek Life, and the Washington Semester Program. In addition to his work in government relations and various campaigns, Dedan also had the opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. as a congressional intern. After graduation, Dedan hopes to attend law school with a focus on energy and environmental policy. As a SPIA ambassador, he is passionate about promoting SPIA’s amazing community and the endless opportunities available to students.


Paige Mitchell
Major: International Affairs
Minors: Religion
Certificate: Global Studies

Paige Mitchell is a third-year majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Religion. She is involved with the UGA Caribbean Student Association, and she is also a research assistant with the Center for International Trade and Security at UGA. After she graduates, Paige hopes to pursue a career with the U.S. government in the security sector. Ultimately, she wants to work internationally on behalf of the United States, and she plans to use her skills in Romance languages to work in foreign affairs. She loves everything about SPIA and is excited to grow in her involvement in the SPIA community!


Austin Myhre
Major: Economics; Political Science; International Affairs
Certificate: Applied Politics

Austin Myhre is a third-year student from Illinois, majoring in Economics, Political Science, and International Affairs. After dealing with a serious radon issue in his apartment, Austin drafted his own legislation, “Tenants Radon Protection Act,” to better inform and protect tenants about the risk of radon in Georgia, and personally lobbied it to the Georgia General Assembly. He hopes to pursue more comprehensive radon policy in Georgia and other states. Interested in international issues, Austin reports on the East Asia for the Loch Johnson Society. He is a Policy Coordinator for Roosevelt@UGA, leading policy research, writing, and advocacy efforts. He assists research on the phenomenon of monetary surrogacy in congressional campaigns. Austin is an Access & Opportunity Senator in SGA, where he engages his passion for public service. Ultimately, he loves solving problems to improve people’s lives. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Austin will pursue a career on the Hill and eventually work in some dimension of political consulting, whether it be campaigns, lobbying, policy work, or all of it.


Micah Nix
Major: Political Science and International Affairs
Certificate: Applied Politics

Micah Nix is involved in Phi Kappa Literary Society, Black Affairs Council, Young Dems of UGA, UGAVotes and InspireUGA. She has been interested in politics and government studies for as long as she can remember as she loves helping and serving others. She is interested in Civil Rights law and human rights affairs at both the federal and international level. After college, Micah plans to attend either law school or graduate school to earn a master’s in Public Policy and Administration.



Fatime Niane
Major: Political Science and Criminal Justice
Minors: International Affairs and Law, Jurisprudence, and the State

Fatime Niane is a second-year Political Science and Criminal Justice double-major. She is from Jonesboro, Georgia, which is about 30 minutes south of Atlanta, Georgia. She loves reading and watching new television shows and movies. After completing her undergraduate degree, Fatime hopes to attend law school and pursue a legal career. Outside of SPIA ambassadors, she is a part of the UGA Student Government Association, the Residence Hall Association, and Georgia Daze.



John Robert Oates
Major: Political Science
Minor: International Affairs

John Oates is an Athens native and a Junior here at UGA. He is planning to graduate May 2022. He spent his freshmen year at Valdosta State before transferring to UGA. Since then he has become involved in various organizations at UGA. He is a DJ at the campus radio station WUOG 90.5fm and is involved as a research assistant in SPIA. After he graduates from UGA, he hopes to continue his Political Science education at a graduate school to research electoral methods and behaviors.



Anjali Patel
Major: Political Science and International Affairs

Anjali Patel is a third-year student studying Political Science and International Affairs, intended Pre-Law. On campus, she is involved with UGA ICE, the behind-the-scenes of the SPIA Mentor Program, the Arch Society, and the SPIA Ambassador Program.





Khushi Patel
Major: Political Science
Minors: Philosophy and Law, Jurisprudence, and the State
Certificate: Legal Studies

Khushi Patel is a sophomore from Stone Mountain, Georgia pursuing a degree in Political Science with minors in Philosophy and Law, Jurisprudence and the State. She is also pursing a Certificate in Legal Studies. She has always been drawn to the law and politics, which is why after graduation she hopes to attend law school and become a JAG Officer for the US Army. During her time at UGA, she has enjoyed being apart of UGA College Republicans and Athens-Clarke County Mentorship Program. She has been fortunate to participate in many of the career opportunities that SPIA provides for their students, and through the Ambassadors Program, and hopes to facilitate more opportunities for the school and its students.


Mahi Patel
Major: International Affairs
Minor: Criminal Justice

After graduation, Mahi hopes to go to law school and practice in the public interest sector. She hopes to work closely with organizations that value the importance of transformative criminal justice reform policies. She is also involved with UGA Mentor Program Ambassadors. SPIA has helped Mahi find a community at UGA and encouraged her to pursue law school.




Jere Pearson
Major: International Affairs

Jere Pearson is a rising sophomore for the 2021-2022 school year here at UGA and is looking forward to starting his journey as a SPIA ambassador, representing SPIA with pride and becoming further involved with his peers! Hailing from Hinesville, Georgia, Jere was a military brat who traveled the country and the world throughout much of his youth, instilling within him a passion and curiosity for the larger world, multitude of different cultures, and the relationships between nations. As an Army ROTC cadet with the goal of becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army upon graduation, Jere is uniquely focused on national security topics and concerns, and would love to work at a national level using his experience from both UGA and the military in later careers. His interest in Russia as a “big player” in today’s international scene led him to study the language with the Russian Flagship program on campus. Jere was also involved in campus ministry, RHA, and the Russian Club on during his first year at UGA. Go Dawgs!


Hasti Razavi
Major: International Affairs and Economics

Hasti Rasavi is an International Affairs and Economics student pursuing a future career as in Law. She has always been fascinated with issues surrounding justice and equality and hope to play a role in setting precedents around those values in our ever-changing future world. At UGA, she is involved in Miracle. This organization has introduced her to so many passionate people at the University and shown her the impact that even a couple hundred college kids can have on a community. She is also conducting research through an Assistantship with CURO. The concepts she has learned in her SPIA classes, as well as the professors teaching them, truly inspired her to do this research. Coming from a Middle Eastern family, international politics is always a central topic and something she has been connected to since birth. Her International Affairs major is the perfect extension of that! She is excited to share her passion about SPIA, UGA, and the greater Athens community as an Ambassador.


Jane Scarborough
Major: Political Science and International Affairs
Minor: Law, Jurisprudence, and the State
Certificate: Applied Politics

Jane Scarborough is a rising junior from Columbus, Georgia. Jane became interested in politics in high school and desires to turn this passion into a career to better the lives of others. In Athens, she is an intern at War Room Strategies, where she works to get conservative candidates elected on both the state and national level. Jane is also a Young Life leader, where she dedicates 15 hours a week building meaningful relationships with high school students and modeling faith-based living at a local high school. On campus, she is involved with College Republicans, Global Buddies, and Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society, as well as will be getting her certificate in Applied Politics during the 2021-2022 school year. Following graduation in May of 2023, her desire is to attend law school and work in Washington, D.C. She is excited to represent this college because the professors, classes, and students are incredible and being in the SPIA community has been the highlight of her time at UGA.


Rehna Sheth
Major: International Affairs
Minors: Disaster Management and Spanish

Rehna Sheth is a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in International Affairs, with minors in Spanish and Disaster Management. During her time at UGA, she has been a part of Model United Nations, the Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Program, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, and she serves as the Captain of UGA’s competitive dance team Classic City Bhangra. Rehna’s research, under CURO and CITS, centers around the impact of different violent conflicts and terrorist organizations on children’s education. After graduation, Rehna plans to get her law degree, focusing on international and national security law, eventually working in DC to improve foreign policy and diplomacy. SPIA has been an integral part of shaping Rehna’s undergraduate experience and future career. She is proud to call SPIA her home and is excited to welcome new SPIA students into the family.


Jaylin Kristine Small
Major: Political Science and English

Jaylin Small is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Political Science and English. Jaylin’s experience at UGA has been quite fruitful, she serves as a Pre-Law Student Ambassador, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity member, Abeneefoo Kuo member, and Women’s Studies Organization member. In addition to extracurricular, she has placed on the Dean’s List each semester and most recently made the Presidential Scholar’s list. This Fall, Jaylin will be attending the Washington Semester Program and hopes to intern with Congress. After graduation, Jaylin wishes to pursue a law degree and focus her work on Human Rights Law. Jaylin is excited to be your SPIA student ambassador!


Katelyn Snyder
Major: Political Science and Psychology

Katelyn Snyder chose Political Science because of its intersections with different fields, which has allowed her to explore many of her interests. SPIA has created an excellent environment for growth. She has found through her coursework that she enjoys political psychology and added psychology as a second major. In addition to being a SPIA student and ambassador, she is doing political science research with Dr. Ornstein, she is the treasurer for the SPIA Honor Society of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, and the Secretary for Model African Union. After undergrad, she would love to go to law school and pursue a career in civil rights. It has always been her goal to create a space for people to speak honestly and feel empowered by doing so. This is also why she decided to become an ambassador- as she hopes to amplify the voices of her fellow SPIA students.


Emma Sorckoff
Major: International Affairs
Minors: Women’s Studies and Law, Jurisprudence, and the State

Emma is a second-year student from Roswell, Georgia majoring in International Affairs and pursuing a Masters in Public Administration through the Double Dawgs Program. She is involved in many campus organizations including University Judiciary and the Honors Program Student Council. Emma is also involved in research at UGA, where she has presented at the SPIA Undergraduate Research Colloquium and the CURO Research Symposium in the past. Her research is primarily focused on international educational systems’ disaster response patterns. Emma is especially passionate about women’s rights to receive a quality education and refugee education programs abroad. This research, along with the wonderful experiences she has had at UGA and within SPIA so far, have greatly influenced her future career goals. Emma hopes to work in government consulting or the non-profit sector following the completion of her Masters degree.


Taylor Talley
Major: Political Science and Human Development and Family Science
Minor: Law, Jurisprudence, and the State

Taylor Talley is a second-year from Louisa County, Virginia. She is a double major in Political Science and Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Law, Jurisprudence, and the State and a Pre-Law Intent. She is involved in Delta Gamma Fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Designated Dawgs, Shop With A Bulldawg (SWAB), Food2Kids, and The Guide Dog Foundation. Taylor is a Honor Board Member for Delta Gamma, Community Service Chair for Phi Alpha Delta, Executive Director for Designated Dawgs, a SWAB Ambassador, and a Greek Liaison for Food2Kids. As you can see, she truly enjoys giving back to the Athens community and her peers at UGA through leadership and involvement. She is passionate about both of her majors and is also a College of Family and Consumer Sciences Ambassador. After graduation in 2023, she aspires to attend law school to pursue a J.D. with a concentration in Family or Civil Law. Outside of school, Taylor enjoys the beach, a good adventure, shopping, and always being on the go/having a full schedule. Being a SPIA Ambassador will allow her to make connections and find others as passionate as her about SPIA and her major specifically, which is why she is ecstatic for her ambassadorship.


Emma Welch
Major: Political Science and International Affairs
Minor: Spanish

Emma found her place in the School of Public and International Affairs through connecting her personal goals to her academics. Her over-arching career goal is to find and establish a career in which she can support people and their communities through her particular skills. SPIA has helped her develop these skills through unique experiences, such as the Emerging Leaders Program, and meaningful interactions with the students, staff, and community. Outside of SPIA, Emma’s participation in the Student Government Association and Delta Delta Delta have greatly impacted her journey at UGA. After graduating from the University of Georgia, Emma plans to attend law school with the hopes of practicing in some international capacity.


Jantz Womack
Major: Political Science and Public Relations
Certificates: Public Affairs and Applied Politics

Jantz Womack is a Political Science and Public Relations major from Americus, Georgia. He was a member of the Fourth Cohort of the Applied Politics Program in SPIA. Upon graduation, he hopes to work in the field of lobbying or political consultation in Washington, D.C. or somewhere in the Southeastern portion of the United States. Outside of school and the ambassador program, Jantz’s time is mostly spent in SGA, where he serves as Senate President Pro Tempore, Order of Omega, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. In his spare time, Jantz enjoys watching historical documentaries.


Anney Woodard
Major: International Affairs and Spanish

Anney Woodard plans to attend law school or graduate school after her undergraduate time at UGA. She is interested in international security and intelligence. Anney hopes to use her language skills, along with her unique coursework from SPIA, to develop a future in the field. As an out-of-state student, SPIA has given her a community that encourages her passions and makes her feel welcome to the University.