SPIA alumni are leaders and innovators in global arenas, active participants in the life of this school, and strategic partners in our continued success. From around the world and across the country, our dedicated alumni provide critical financial support; offer invaluable services and opportunities to students; and support our faculty members.

SPIA alumni aren’t just part of the school’s past—they’re a vibrant part of its present and the key to its future.

The lifetime connections built at the University of Georgia are directly related to SPIA’s core values of teamwork, community, trust, and a commitment to excellence. These connections are further enhanced through a wide range of alumni services, including professional development programs, networking and social events, and opportunities to serve as mentors by sharing knowledge with students and faculty.

The SPIA External Affairs Team welcomes your feedback and suggestions and is here to assist our alumni and friends. Please contact a member of our team if we can be helpful. We look forward to hearing from you!