New students receive academic advising during the orientation period at the beginning of their first term. Continuing students are advised typically during October and March of each academic year. Online registration using the UGA Athena system occurs after advising.

The department notifies students by e-mail when sign-up begins. If your UGA e-mail account is not your primary account, please ensure that your UGA e-mail is forwarded to your primary account. Because many of our students are working professionals, we also offer appointments by phone.

Registration Guidelines 

The Graduate School enforces the following registration guidelines:

  • Students who receive an assistantship and/or a tuition waiver must register for a minimum of 12 hours in the fall and spring. Such students who choose to enroll during the summer and maintain the waiver must register for at least nine hours.
  • Students must be registered for at least three hours during the term in which they complete degree requirements.
  • Students pursuing graduate degrees at UGA must maintain continuous enrollment from matriculation until completion of all degree requirements. Continuous enrollment is defined as registering for a minimum of three (3) credits in at least two semesters per year (Fall, Spring, Summer) until the degree is attained.
  • Students may apply for leave of absence for well-documented causes that interfere with the ability to undertake graduate study. An approved leave of absence stands in lieu of registering for the minimum of three credits for each semester for which the leave of absence is granted.
  • Students who fail to achieve continuous enrollment, or apply for a leave of absence, will become “inactive,” and must reapply for admission.
  • If it becomes necessary to add a class after the established deadline for registration, the MPA Program Director may approve a request for late registration within a reasonable amount of time. Specific guidelines for this process are available on the Bursar’s website.

Independent Study Courses

Students must arrange independent study courses directly with individual professors and then submit an independent study form to Melody Herrington in Baldwin Hall (email: [email protected], phone: 706/542-3510). Independent study courses will not be authorized if a student can take the same course in a conventional format in this department or another department on campus. Please check the complete listing of UGA courses before seeking an independent study course. For a list of suggested courses by specialization, see the “Electives” section of the MPA Program Guide.
Independent Study Form

Electives for Second-Year MPA Students

Approval must be obtained from Melody Herrington if you plan to take an elective that is not listed on the curriculum guide. If permission of department is required for a class outside of the department, contact the graduate coordinator of the home department of the course you plan to take. For a list of suggested courses by specialization, see the “Electives” section of the MPA Program Guide.

Scheduling/Advising Forms

Advising Form

Advising FAQs