Dear Students, Parents, Alumni, Friends, and Visitors:

Welcome to the start of the 2018-19 academic year! This year marks a time of significant renewal at the School as we are joined by eleven new faculty members, an Honors Teaching Fellow, and five new staff.

Our new faculty are embarking on the same core endeavor that has defined the School since its founding in 2001: teaching and training the next generation of public servants, scholars, and practitioners. They are also helping to clarify and solve the grand challenges of our time. SPIA faculty members’ expertise ranges from identifying the determinants of opioid addiction, to explaining the causes and consequences of political partisanship, to improving how we measure human rights around the world. Their work prepares our students to address those same challenges while informing public understanding of politics and policy. SPIA translates its expertise by training public administrators here and abroad, by sharing political polling data, and by authoring books on topics as varied as the philosophical underpinnings of justice, to American spycraft, to the politics of internet censorship in China.

In these and other arenas, SPIA faculty and students are agents of change. They are fulfilling the School’s intellectual, instructional, and public service missions. At no time in SPIA’s history have these aims been more important than now. We are proud that our community of scholar-teacher-mentors, staff, students, and alumni continues to ably serve the public interest.


Matthew R. Auer
School of Public and International Affairs