Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Undergraduate Degree Programs
  • SPIA Offers seven Double Dawgs Programs. By earning both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years or less, students can save time and money while positioning themselves for success after graduation. Find out more information here.
  • We believe that international education is vital to the educational mission of SPIA and encourages students to pursue foreign study. Click here for more information about our programs.
  • The University of Georgia has taken a significant step toward ensuring that all its students engage in the kinds of hands-on experiences that enhance learning and position them for success after graduation. For more information, visit the SPIA Experiential Learning page.
  • For more information about applying to the University of Georgia and declaring a SPIA major, click here.


The School of Public and International Affairs has three majors. Criminal justice, international affairs, and political science. One of the reasons that I came to the School of Publc and International Affairs is that you have top ranked scholars who are leaders in their field and the research that they do. But they’re also incredible teachers.

The faculty at SPIA have been super supportive to me throughout my entire time as a student here. And I feel that the opportunities that I’ve been afforded would not have happened for someone like me just being a first generation student at UGA. So I felt a lot of support from the college and really anything I’ve wanted to do.

The faculty, they’re caring, they’re thoughtful, but they’re also demanding. And so what I hear from students and from alumni is, they really put me through the wringer, but I’m much stronger for it, and I gained a lot from being tested as a student.

It’s really important to get outside your comfort zone. And I think that’s something that SPIA students are really good at, because we have such unique courses, and you get challenged in them. And it’s OK because you’re being challenged in something that’s interesting.

This is a university that cares deeply about study abroad. And students generally are interested in study abroad. But SPIA students really come to the school with their passports.

So there’s a number of study abroad opportunities on UGA’s campus. Specifically there’s a number of study abroad opportunities that SPIA provides. I participated in UGA’s SPIA program at Oxford. And that opportunity was probably the greatest thing that I’ve been able to do in my time at Georgia.