Part I: Apply to UGA

See UGA undergraduate admissions process.

Part II: Declaring a SPIA Major

Any UGA student may pursue a major in SPIA. There are no special entrance requirements or application process. Applicants to UGA can mark political science or international affairs on the application for admission. Current UGA students can change to or add a major in SPIA via Athena by logging into Athena and following these instructions:

  • Select the “Student” tab
  • Select “My Programs.”
  • Always add the major you want first before deleting your existing major.
  • Minors and Certificate Programs can be added from this same section in Athena.

For current UGA students, once a major in SPIA is added please come to our walk-in times in Candler Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2 to 4 p.m. At this time, new SPIA majors will meet with an academic advisor for an introduction to the school and academic advising. Students can also obtain a Student Handbook,and will be assigned to an advisor with whom they will meet every term thereafter.

We encourage prospective undergraduate students (whether in high school, at other institutions, or in other majors at UGA) to contact our office for more information on SPIA or its academic programs. Our advisors always welcome your questions! Phone: 706-542-0096