Spring-Summer 2021 SPIA Scholarships


Study abroad is an important component to the educational mission of the School. In an effort to provide opportunities to students who may not otherwise have an experience abroad, SPIA offers need-based support. The following scholarships are available to SPIA students participating in a SPIA study abroad program in spring/summer 2021 (please note the amounts are from the 2019-20 awards and may be updated for 2020-21):

  • SPIA Study Abroad Scholarship – $5,000
  • John Haire Study Abroad Scholarship – $4,000
  • Terry A. and Margaret P. Mathews Study Abroad Scholarship – $1,200*
  • Han S. Park Fund Study Abroad Scholarship – $1,000
  • Charles S. Bullock III Experiential Learning Fund Study Abroad Scholarship – $4,000

* The Terry A. and Margaret P. Mathews award gives preference to students who are legal residents of Oglethorpe, Pierce, or Ware Counties in Georgia, or if no eligible applicant is from those counties, then preference is given to a legal resident of Georgia.

These scholarships are awarded to students with a declared major in political science and/or international affairs, who added their SPIA major no later then the spring prior to the application deadline, who have verified financial need by the Office of Student Financial Aid, and who plan to participate in and ultimately accepted to one of the following approved programs:

The application consists of the online application, a letter of recommendation from a SPIA faculty member, and a short essay discussing what the applicant believes they will gain from participation in the program.

Contact Paul Welch at pdwelch@uga.edu for more information on scholarships to support study abroad experiences.

Application deadline for these scholarships is 11:59 pm on Monday, October 26th.

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