The Department of Political Science hosts several speakers each year to give thought-provoking talks on various research topics. Below are listed speakers for the current academic year as well as speakers that we have hosted in the past.

Additionally, Dr. L. Jason Anastasopoulos (Associate Professor of Public Administration and Policy) and Dr. Joseph Ornstein (Assistant Professor of Political Science) host the SPIA Methods Colloquium, featuring methods talks that sometimes include outside speakers.

2024 Political Science Speaker Series

Friday, August 30- Dr. Rebecca Reid (University of Texas-El Paso) TBA

Monday, October 21- Dr. Greg Bovitz (Columbia University) TBA

UPCOMING SPIA Methods Colloquium Speakers:

TBA- Upcoming Colloquium Speakers will appear here once announced.

  • Dr. Tiffany Barnes (University of Kentucky) Where are all the women? Legal careers, political careers, and the leaky pipeline of women to office in the United States.
  • Dr. Chelsea Coe (University of California, Merced)
  • Dr. Chiara Cordelli (University of Chicago) Why is Mercenarism Wrong?
  • Dr. Jason Davis (Florida State University) Targeted Sanctions and Redistribution. [SPIA Methods Colloquium]
  • Dr. Bernard Fraga (Emory University) Reversion to the Mean, or their Version of the Dream? An Analysis of Latino Voting in 2020.
  • Dr. Greg Goelzhauser (Utah State University) The Constitutionality of Police Shootings. 
  • Dr. Mark Graber (University of Maryland Carey School of Law) Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment: Our Questions, Their Answers.
  • Dr. Jennifer Merolla (University of California, Riverside) Bridging Political Divides: Can Values Messages Decrease Shape Affective Polarization and Support for Compromise?
  • Dr. David Vinson (24-7 Intouch)
  • Dr. Kosuke Imai (Harvard University) Does AI Help Humans Make Better Decisions?: A Methodological Framework for Experimental Evaluation.
  • Gabriel Soyer (UGA PhD Student) Access to Rural Credit as Non-Programmatic Politics: Municipal Elections in Brazil.
  • Dr. Garrett Vande Kamp (UGA) Time Series Made Easy.
  • Megan Wall (UGA PhD Student) Opt-in or Opt-out? Automatic Voter Registration Method and The Implications for Voter Participation.