Anticipated graduation: Spring 2020

Anticipated degree: Master of International Policy 

Previous degree: B.A. (2018) in Modern Languages with a Spanish focus, Georgia Southern University

Alyssa Knowles is interested in international security and economic policy. Her current research examines Chinese and Russian Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) patterns in Africa’s fastest growing economies. She analyzes the strategies China and Russia use to secure economic footholds in these countries and draws conclusions about how the United States should approach investment in emerging economies.

Alyssa currently works as a Graduate Research Assistant for UGA’s School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA), where she has assisted in research projects covering a wide range of topics, including international law, leadership characteristics and national defense capabilities.  She has also served as a volunteer with the Atlanta Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity for more than 10 years.


Anticipated graduation: Spring 2020

Anticipated degree: Master of International Policy

Previous degree: B.A. (2018) in International Affairs and Political Science, University of Georgia

Anna Lee Robbins is interested in human security and the role of a changing environment. While at UGA she has researched a number of related topics, including international efforts to address climate change and the relationship between natural resources and civil conflict

Anna Lee is currently a Global Intelligence Intern with BSI Supply Chain Solutions.  She also completed an internship with the State of Georgia, where she worked on international trade issues.  She is especially interested in employment opportunities that focus on international development, human security and/or the supply chain.


Anticipated graduation: Spring 2020

Anticipated degree: Master of International Policy

Previous degree: B.A. (2018) in International and Global Studies, University of the South

Harry Groce is interested in the intersection of economic development, climate change and human security, as well as US-Latin American relations.  As a research assistant at UGA, he has worked on projects examining topics such as protest voting in Latin America and global human rights education.  He has also written on a variety of topics, including the conflict in Ukraine and the role of income inequality in Central American migration patterns.

Harry currently works on international development projects with the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta where he deepened the Diocese partnership with several Episcopal churches in Cuba.   At the Diocese, he was also responsible for writing and administering grants for development projects. As a result of these successes, he was appointed to the Diocese of Atlanta’s Global Missions Commission, which oversees almost all of the Diocese’s foreign development and engagement projects.


Anticipated graduation: Fall 2020

Anticipated degree: Master of International Policy and Bachelor of International Affairs, Dual-Degree

Elizabeth Carter is interested in public sector engagement for international development. She has cross-sector experience, including work with the US State Department, UPS Global Public Affairs Office (summer 2020), International Rescue Committee, and Carl Vinson Institute of Government International Center. At the US State Department, she served on the Private Sector Engagement Team in the Global AIDS Coordinator’s Office, where she engaged in Human Centered Design research and supply-chain systems analysis to create policy recommendations for the office’s global programming.

Her research background ranges from policy-oriented papers detailing public-private partnerships for water security in Karachi, Pakistan to field interviews to create an asset map in Clarkston, Georgia and advise the local government on refugee-owned business support programs. She has also served as the teaching assistant for UGA courses.

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