CITS and Indonesia’s National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) have released “The Human Dimensions of Security for Radioactive Sources,” a report intended as a ‘house gift’ to the third Nuclear Security Summit to be held in The Hague on March 24-25, 2014.

The two organizations developed the report as an academic-practitioners collaborative project. It provides practical advice for users of high-risk sources that are vulnerable to being diverted for malicious purposes, on the basis of methodologies and documents from the International Atomic Energy Agency. While radioactive sources can dramatically improve healthcare standards, contribute to economic development, and help stabilize food supplies, vigilance among the people responsible for safety and security is necessary for the current international legal framework and national security regulations to be effective.

This is the third report that CITS has released in support of the Nuclear Security Summit process. CITS published “Nuclear and Radiological Security Culture: A Post-Seoul Agenda” in 2012 and “Nuclear Security and Nuclear Counterterrorism: Streamlining and Updating the Legal Framework” in 2010.