The School of Public and International Affairs has a history of placing PhD graduates in top institutions all over the country and the world.


    Anthony Kreis (PhD 2016)
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

    David Hughes (PhD 2016)
    Assistant Professor, Auburn University at Montgomery

    Florian Justwan (PhD 2015)
    Assistant Professor, University of Idaho

    Melanie Kolbe (PhD 2015)
    Assistant Professor, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

    Sarah Fisher (PhD 2015)
    Assistant Professor, Emory and Henry College

    Chris Hare (PhD 2015)
    Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis

    Joel Sievert (PhD 2015)
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University

    Kayce Mobley (PhD 2015)
    Assistant Professor, Pittsburgh State (Kansas)

    Rachel Bitecofer, (PhD 2015)
    Assistant Director, Wason Center for Public Policy
    Lecturer in Government, Christopher Newport University

    Phillip Marcin (PhD 2015)
    Lecturer, University of Akron

    Inyeop Lee (PhD 2014)
    Assistant Professor, Spring Arbor University

    Weiqi Zhang (PhD 2014)
    Assistant Professor, Suffolk University

    Mark Owens (PhD 2014)
    Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Tyler

    Jack Collens (PhD  2014)
    Assistant Professor, Siena College

    Luanne Serieux-Lubin (PhD 2014)
    Contractor, United Nations

    Jaeyun Sung (PhD 2013)
    Assistant Professor, Lyon College

    Austin Clemens (PhD 2013)
    Senior Research Associate, Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M

    Brian Levey (PhD 2013)
    Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc
    Senior Data Scientist

    Carrie Eaves (PhD 2013)
    Assistant Professor, Elon University

    Karen Owen (PhD 2012)
    Reinhardt University
    MPA Director

    Jon Polk (PhD 2012)
    Lecturer, Unviersity of Gothenburg
    Centre for Euopean Research

    Murat Bayar (PhD 2012)
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Paul Carlsen (PhD 2012)
    Chief Content Officer of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS)
    Statistical and Research Analyst, South Carolina Department of Commerce
    Economic Analyst, Louisiana Economic Development FastStart

    Justin Moeller (PhD 2011)
    Assistant Professor, West Texas A&M

    Brandon Kliewer (PhD 2011)
    Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

    James Borders (PhD 2011)
    Assistant Professor, Air Force Academy

    Mwita Chacha (PhD 2011)
    Assistant Professor, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Center for International Trade and Security

    Jun Taek Kwon (PhD 2011)
    Assistant Professor, North Georgia College and State University

    Bradley McAllister (PhD 2011)
    Research Fellow, St. Andrew’s University, Scotland
    Assistant Editor, Perspectives on Terrorism: a journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative

    Marie Milward (PhD 2011)
    Assistant Professor, Trinity Washington University

    Emily Wanless (PhD 2011)
    Assistant Professor, Augustana College

    Yongseok Choy (PhD 2010)
    Ministry of Unification, South Korea

    Regan Damron (PhD 2010)
    Operations Research Analyst, Joint Analysis Warfare Center

    Cale Horne (PhD 2010)
    Post-Doctoral Fellow, International Center for the Study of Terrorism, Pennsylvania State University
    Assistant Professor, Covenant College

    Jeonghun Min (PhD 2010)
    Assistant Professor, Northeastern State University

    Michael Mitchell (PhD 2010)
    Instructor, Georgia Perimeter College

    Joshua Putnam (PhD 2010)
    Visiting Lecturer, UGA
    Frontloading HQ

    Nitya Singh (PhD 2010)
    Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

    Esther Skelley Jordan (PhD 2010)
    International Republican Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Dwight Wilson (PhD 2010)
    Instructor, Farleigh Dickinson University
    Instructor, North Georgia College and State University

    Bryan Early (PhD 2009)
    Research Associate, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University
    Assistant Professor, SUNY-Albany

    Donald Lloyd (PhD 2009)
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

    Ann Mezzell (PhD 2009)
    Assistant Professor, Lincoln University

    Henrik Schatzinger (PhD 2009)
    Campaign Finance Institute, George Washington University
    Assistant Professor, Ripon College
    Associate Professor, Ripon College

    Nathan Burroughs (PhD 2008)
    Research Associate, Indiana University
    Education Policy Center, Michigan State University

    Matthew Fuhrmann (PhD 2008)
    Research Associate, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University
    Nuclear Security Fellowship, Council on Foreign Relations
    Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
    Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University

    Michael Jasinski (PhD 2008)
    Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

    Dongsoo Kim (PhD 2008)
    Assistant Professor, West Liberty University

    Laura Moyer (PhD 2008)
    Associate Professor, University of Louisville

    Daniel Reed (PhD 2008)
    Assistant Professor, American University

    Giray Sadik (PhD 2008)
    Assistant Professor, Truman State University

    Todd Collins (PhD 2007)
    Associate Professor, Western Carolina University

    Lichao He (PhD 2007)
    Assistant Professor, Baylor University

    Jess Morrissette (PhD 2007)
    Assistant Professor, Marshall University

    Kazuya Fukuoka (PhD 2006)
    Assistant Professor, St. Joseph’s University

    Holley Tankersley (PhD 2006)
    Department Chair, Associate Professor, Coastal Carolina University

    Brian Harward (PhD 2003)
    Associate Professor & Director of the Center for Political Participation, Allegheny College

    Thad Hall (PhD 2002)
    Professor, University of Utah

    Lisa Holmes (PhD 2001)
    Associate Professor, University of Vermont

    Kiki Caruson (PhD 2001)
    Associate Professor & Assistant Vice President for Research for Innovation and Global Affairs, University of South Florida

    Kevin Pybas (PhD 2000)
    Associate Professor, Missouri State

    Roger Hartley (PhD 1999)
    Dean of College of Public Affairs, University of Baltimore

    Bradley Chilton (PhD 1988)
    Department of Public Administration Chair, University of Texas at El Paso

    Keith Gaddie (PhD 1993)
    Professor, University of Oklahoma

    Henry T. (Hank) Edmondson, III (PhD 1990)
    Director, Center for Transatlantic Studies
    Carl Vinson Chair of Political Science and Public Administration
    Georgia College, Milledgeville


    Placement of graduates of the PhD program is excellent. Placements have been primarily at major research universities including:

    • Albany University – State University of New York
    • American University
    • Binghamton University – State University of New York (2)
    • Cleveland State University (2)
    • DePaul University
    • Florida State University
    • Georgia State University
    • Indiana University – Bloomington (2)
    • Indiana University/ Purdue University – Indianapolis
    • Louisiana State University
    • New Mexico State University
    • New York University
    • Pennsylvania State
    • University Rutgers University (2)
    • Seoul National University
    • Syracuse University
    • University of Arizona
    • University of Colorado
    • University of Florida
    • City University of Hong Kong
    • University of Kansas
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Missouri
    • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
    • University of Oklahoma National
    • University of Singapore
    • University of Tennessee
    • University of Texas – Dallas