Curriculum Vitae

Master of International Policy (MIP)


Paul is a first year Master of International Policy student in the University of Georgia Center of International Trade and Security. He specializes in Human Security and Russian Affairs.


BA In International Affairs, University of Georgia, 2022

More About

Paul was born in Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2022 with a degree in International Relations. Other achievements of note is research published with Moscow State University. When he is not performing research, he enjoys writing, reading, and looking for rare and unique military small arms to add to his collection.

Of Note

Paul is particularly proud of his accomplishments in studying Russian to an advanced proficiency, and his experience studying abroad in the Russian Federation prior to the War in Ukraine.

Areas of Expertise

Russian Affairs, Traditional Security, Human Security

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

Paul is a accredited member of the American Historical Honors Society.

Research Interests

War, Human Security, Military Sciences, Disaster Response and its connection to the Armed Forces, Military Export Controls.

Selected Publications

Published in the Moscow State University Paper on the Memories of War. In particular the paper focused on modern American perceptions of the Cold War among those who had no direct knowledge of living through the conflict, as well as the role of American Education in fostering said memory.