Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Since 2019, after graduation, she has worked in the Ministry of National Defense as a deputy director in South Korea. During her five-year tenure, she made four different roles. Because she has done her best to do her job, she got official commendation from the Minister of National Defense in 2020. From Jan. 2019 to Feb. 2021, she played a role in establishing the annual plan for industrial mobilization to furnish the military with wartime preparation supplies. The next position was taking on the role of managing the full process of annual budgeting for the national defense, including the wartime budget. After accomplishing the part in one year, she changed my position of yearly budgeting for the informatization of the national defense sector. It was applying advanced technology in the military to support the execution of missions and improving the living environment of the army. In the end, her current position has been budgeting the maintenance cost of equipment and weaponry, such as battleships and fighter planes, utilized in the military.


Bachelor’s degree | Yonsei University | 2018 | Public Administration, Economics

She graduated from Yonsei University in South Korea with a double major BA in Public Administration and Economics. She graduated with high honors. From 2012 to 2013, she studied at the University of California, Santabarbara as an exchange student in the Political Science major.

More About

Career Goals

After completing the research, she will faithfully serve in the Ministry of National Defense in South Korea in the department related to my research results. She can contribute to strengthening national defense and ensuring national security by combining the research content and practical experience to propose actual policy.

Relevant Work Experience

She serves as the current deputy director at the Ministry of National Defense of Korea, which is equivalent to the US Department of Defense. During her four-year tenure, since 2019, she made four different roles, and the experience during each period has contributed to her improvement. Especially, her work in budgeting since 2021 is valuable. In 2021, she was in charge of budgeting the national defense and managed all the aspects of the National Assembly by serving as an intermediary. In the process of cooperation with the National Assembly, she was able to not only familiarize herself with the annual budgeting process but strengthen her situational judgment skills.

Of Note

In the University Award with one semester of high honors (2rd semester, 2015), Award with two semesters of honors (1st semester, 2012 / 2rd semester, 2011), Scholarship for academic excellence with three semesters (2nd semester, 2011 / 1st semester, 2012 & 2017), Merit based scholarship with pass the Higher Civil Service Examination (1st semester, 2017)

Areas of Expertise

Financial Administration

Research Interests

Financial Administration, especially in the defense sector Organizations in the public sector