Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Vivien was born and raised outside of Atlanta and attended Kennesaw State University where she obtained a degree in Public Relations. After graduating, Vivien worked in the for-profit sector before pursuing her goal to work in the nonprofit field. In 2018, she accepted a role with the American Cancer Society, where she currently works today as a fundraising professional. Volunteerism is a key priority in her life and a cause that she is extremely passionate about is animal welfare and helping homeless animals. After completing nearly 70 hours of service at the Atlanta Humane Society, she began volunteering at the Fulton County Animal Shelter through the managing nonprofit organization, Lifeline Animal Project. Aside from standard volunteer work such as dog walking, kennel care, and temporary fostering, she also serves on the Fulton County Animal Shelter Advocacy Committee which focuses on advocacy efforts to support the shelter and its animals. In addition, Vivien prioritizes civic engagement and actively participates in political initiatives and campaigns. She is seeking a Master of Public Administration to attain a higher knowledge of policy theories and methodologies of organization and management that aim to benefit the greater good.


Bachelor of Communication | Kennesaw State University | 2012 | Public Relations

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Specialization: Nonprofit

Relevant Work Experience:
Currently employed with the American Cancer Society.