Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Stewart is a Political Science PhD candidate studying American Politics. His research interests include the Presidency, Presidential Powers, and the pardon power.


BA Journalism and Communication, Utah State University

MS Political Science, Utah State University

More About

Stewart was born and raised in Utah and moved to Athens, GA in June 2020. He has long been fascinated with politics and government, including as a young child. At eight years old he definitively stated that he wanted to be the President of the United States when he grew up. That dream has since changed, now focused on studying and teaching about the presidency. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication from Utah State University in Logan, UT. After a brief stint in the public relations world, he decided to go back to his true passion: politics. He obtained a master’s degree in Political Science also from Utah State University. His master’s thesis, titled “The Power of Mercy: An Examination of Presidential Pardon Patterns,” used Stephen Skowronek’s four types of presidents to determine which presidents use the pardon power more and which use the power less. He is grateful for the professors and mentors at Utah State that helped start his academic career and helped him continue on for a doctorate. He is excited to continue his studies at the University of Georgia and plans to continue studying the presidency and the use of presidential powers.

Research Interests

Presidency, Presidential Powers, Pardon Power, Clemency, Presidential Elections