Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Moctar Ayeva was born in Bronx, New York City. He initially enrolled at Georgia State University, seeking to major in Managerial Information Systems, however, he sought to continue his education on a different path, transferring to the University of Georgia. Currently, he is a University of Georgia graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia. Moctar has many awards such as being constantly present on the Dean’s list and was a Hope Scholarship recipient throughout his undergraduate education. Additional awards include the Military Officers Association of America and the Son’s of the American Revolution. Moctar has been hands on in public service. He volunteered at the Gwinnett County Public Library between 2015 and 2019. At Georgia State University, he participated in the Game Day Recycling program. He proceeded to intern at IssueVoter where he held events that allowed citizens to connect with their elected officials. Moctar also interned on the Jen Jordan Campaign where he led various forms of voter outreach. He additionally interned at Mandate Democracy foundation, connecting public officials with community voices. Moctar is also a content creator on the platforms of Twitch and YouTube and has been viewed over 160,000 times. He has competed in a variety of esport tournaments, winning two awards. Furthermore, he created a videogame recreation of Walt Disney World on Roblox that has had 7 million visits & earning over twenty awards.


Undergraduate–Bachelors | University of Georgia | 2023 | Political Science

Moctar graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2023 with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science under the SPIA program with Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. During his bachelors, he additionally minored in Public Administration, taking courses such as Intro to Policy Analysis, Introduction to Public Administration, Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector, Policy Process, and Selected Topics in Public Administration. Before his enrollment to the University of Georgia, he majored in Managerial Information Systems before deciding that Political Science and Public Administration was what truly captivated him. During this time, he took courses such as Intro in Comp-Based Information Systems, Scientific Perspective On Global Problems, and Comparative Culture.

More About

Career Goals

In regards to his career goals, there have been many that he will continue to seek through the means of diligent work, honest effort, and efficiency and personal development. One such goal is to work for his community in the public realm, such as a county official that delves into the realm of community service and outreach. He personally want to bring forth safe traversable communities to the citizens of Gwinnett County as it would reduce vehicular emissions, lower citizen expenses on vehicular insurance due to many forgoing the way of a car, interconnecting communities with necessities and work being in walking distance while simultaneously building up strong financial centers. Another goal he seeks to complete would be addressing the homeless crisis in Gwinnett County which may set a template to addressing the crisis across the nation. Homeless citizens are still people and as such, they should be assisted through programs that can rehabilitate them and reintroduce them into society in a financially secure way. Additionally, he seek to increase his knowledge of the various issues that plague everyday citizens that the public sector can address. By gaining this knowledge, he would be able to craft plans with his fellow colleagues in the public sector to effectively address these issues.

Relevant Work Experience

Gwinnett County Library (Intern), IssueVoter (Ambassador Coordinator Intern), Jen Jordan Campaign (Campaign Fundraising Communication & Outreach Intern), Mandate Democracy Foundation (Staff Coordinator & Democracy Representative Intern)

Of Note

University of Georgia (Deans List), Georgia State University (Deans List), Hope Scholarship Recipient, Military Officers Association of America (JROTC), Son’s of the American Revolution (JROTC)

Areas of Expertise

Local Government, Generalist, Public Policy

Research Interests

Public relationship with local governments, How representative are local governments of their citizens, How do national events influence actions taken by local governments