Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration

CK Chang is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Georgia. Before enrolling in the doctoral program at UGA, he served as a data manager in the first nationwide public servant survey (Taiwan Government Bureaucracy Survey, TGBS) as well as a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Taiwan E-Governance Research Center (TEG). His past research projects, in collaboration with colleagues, have examined cross-boundary e-government systems and public-private partnerships in developing countries. His work has been published in the International Journal of Public Sector Management, and Government Information Quarterly.

More About

Organizational performance in the public sector
Machine learning algorithms
Cross-boundary e-governance
Public-private partnerships
Comparative methodologies

Research Interests

CK Chang’s primary research interest is organizational performance in public sector. He is interested in this interdisciplinary research area both on the level of theory and practice, including the dimensions of individual‘s perceptions, behaviors, and organizational boundaries, which exist at the interface of politics and administration. He is fascinated by the interaction of entities in a multilevel governance system in which democratic and diverse groups reflect not only traditional values and indigenous cultures, but also the influence of international networks and trends in globalization. He is now eager to use machine learning algorithms, with more rigorous and sophisticated methodologies, to analyze the ethical dilemmas, cultural foundations, and the factors of performance management in a complex, multilevel governance system.