Curriculum Vitae

Master of International Policy (MIP)

Cassidy is in her final semester of the MIP program and looks forward to postgraduate policy work focused on international trade and national security.


BA, Political Science and International Affairs, University of Georgia, 2023

Master of International Policy (MIP), University of Georgia, expected 2024

More About

Growing up in a military family laid the foundation for Cassidy’s deep-rooted interest in global affairs, national security, and international relations. Her academic journey has been shaped by a passion for understanding the dynamics that influence the world stage. In the MIP program, she has expanded her undergraduate studies of geopolitics to the realms of national security, where she explores the delicate balance between protecting sovereign interests and fostering international cooperation. During her undergraduate years, Cassidy had the enriching experience of studying abroad in Ireland and Northern Ireland, focusing on human rights. This international exposure broadened her perspective and deepened her understanding of global issues.

Through her studies, she has delved into the complexities of trade policies, specifically relating to international policy surrounding strategic trade groups. Additionally, in a world grappling with energy challenges, she is passionate about exploring sustainable solutions. Her policy interest in nuclear energy revolves around its potential as a clean and efficient source, mindful of its implications for both national and global energy security. As Cassidy steps into the professional arena, her mission is to contribute meaningfully to the discourse on international policy.

Of Note

Magna Cum Laude, Spring 2023
Summa Cum Laude (Expected Spring 2024)

Research Interests

National Security, Energy Security, Analyzing Policy, Digital Media, Human Rights