Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Aidan McShane is a first-year Master of Public Administration student at the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs. McShane is currently serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the UGA Department of Political Science. A passion for improving the lives of the general public through effective governance led him to pursue an MPA to better equip him with the skills needed to prepare him for a career working within the federal government. McShane recently served as a Senate Intern for Christopher Murphy, a US Senator from his home his state of Connecticut.


Bachelor of Arts | University of Connecticut | 2022 | Political Science


Educational Experiences

Over the course of his time at the University of Connecticut, McShane served in a variety of organizational leadership positions. McShane served on the Executive Board of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity from 2021-2022 as the Executive Operations Secretary while also serving as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office on the University of Connecticut Inter-Fraternity Council. In these roles, McShane played an active part in improving the culture of Greek organizations on campus and campus culture as a whole by promoting the importance of diversity. Having spent his freshman fall semester at the University of Pittsburgh and transferring to the University of Connecticut, McShane used his experiences as a transfer student and served as a Transfer Insider. In this role, he served as a contact for prospective transfer students from all around the United States looking to come to the University of Connecticut, as well as working with new transfer students on campus and assisting with their welcome and adjustment experiences.

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Career Goals

Following the completion of his Master of Public Administration, McShane hopes to one day manage a federal agency of interest to him. He seeks high-pressure work environments that favor efficiency, therefore, serving as the head of a federal agency is a goal of his. McShane hopes to serve in a role that allows him to have a hand in tangible positive changes in the lives of the general public.


Relevant Work Experience

United States Senate Intern – Christopher Murphy (D-CT) (January – May 2023)

Research Assistant – Crown Counting Consortium (August – December 2021)

Of Note

University of Georgia Graduate Assistantship Recipient

Research Interests

McShane is interested in researching effective management strategies and the realities of policy implementation as they pertain to the federal government. Some particular areas of interest include emergency/disaster relief, civil rights, humanitarian aid, and general large-scale federal government initiatives.