The objective in instituting a minor field of study at the University of Georgia is to encourage and officially acknowledge the attainment by students of a fair measure of expertise and knowledge in more than one academic field. SPIA offers three minors: Political Science, Public Policy and Management, and International Affairs. SPIA, in collaboration with Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, offers a fourth minor in Criminal Justice Studies.

Courses for a minor may simultaneously apply to Area VI of the general education requirements, across multiple minors or also in a major.


The minor in Political Science consists of a total of 15 hours. The minor is divided into two fields from which one takes at least 6 hours each:

Two courses focused on Political Theory and Research Methods are required. These can be courses in political philosophy, formal political theory, or research methodology.

Two courses from those focused on American Studies, including classes on American politics and government as well as law & courts, are also needed.

The final class may come from any POLS course at the 2000 level or higher or INTL or PADP courses at the 3000 level or higher. SPIA requires at least nine of the 15 hours be completed in residence.

For a complete list of courses and how they apply, please see the online Bulletin.

For more information contact Paul Welch at or 706.542.4114.


The Public Policy and Management minor will emphasize attributes and skills identified as “high demand” in the Governor’s High Demand Career Initiative Report published in 2014 including project management, problem solving, teamwork and organization/planning skills. These skills will be advanced through coursework and practical examples in public personnel, budgeting and finance, nonprofit administration, policy process, policy analysis and program evaluation. Just as importantly, to prepare students for professional positions in public service organizations, these professional competencies will be developed with an emphasis on the important public service values of accountability, transparency, equity, due process and representation.

Students interested in receiving the undergraduate minor in Public Policy and Management must take 5 undergraduate PADP courses from the following list:

  • PADP 3000: Introduction to Public Administration
  • PADP 3100: Introduction to Policy Analysis
  • PADP 4200: Selected Topics in Public Administration and Policy
  • PADP 4630 or PADP 4630E: Politics and the Budgeting Process
  • PADP 4640: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
  • PADP 4650: Policy Process
  • PADP 4660: Program Evaluation
  • PADP 4690: Bureaucracy and Law

For more information contact Paul Welch at or 706.542.4114.

International Affairs

The minor in International Affairs consists of five courses. Both INTL 3200 “Introduction to International Relations” and INTL 3300 “Introduction of Comparative Politics” are required and lay a foundation for theoretical understanding of the two major subfields in international affairs. Afterwards, students take deep dives into the subfields with one 4000-level course from topics in international relations and one 4000-level course from topics in comparative politics. The fifth course may be any course in international affairs taught at the 4000-level, including INTL courses offered on study abroad, research-intensive courses, and graded internship courses.

For more information contact Paul Welch at or 706.542.4114.