University of Georgia Public Administration and Policy is well represented at this year’s Public Management Research Conference at Utrecht University in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The Public Management Research Conference (PMRC) is the foremost gathering of public management experts in the world. This week we have 9 PADP faculty and PhD students presenting 11 research projects.

  • Emily Bell and Tyler Scott:  How Boundary-Spanning Actors Affect Substantive Representation in Collaborative Regional Water Planning
  • Mauricio Astudillo and Alejandra Rodas Gaiter: Assessing Women’s Attitudes When Facing Discrimination in the Workplace: The Role of Hierarchy
  • Kyoung-Cheol Kim: Cognitive Impacts of AI on Administration
  • Matthew Young, Yu-Che Chen, Justin Bullock, Kyoung-Cheol Kim and Ping Zhang : Artificial Intelligence and Administrative Behavior
  • Yoon Jik Cho and Ju Won Park: Attenuation of Anchoring Bias in Performance Appraisal: An Experimental Study Based on Gamification Method
  • Ju Won Park: Organizational Support Mitigates the Adverse Effects of Perceived Organizational Politics: Applying the Job Demands-Resources Model
  • Shahidul Hassan, Bradley Wright, Daniel Baker, and Darwin Baluran: Public Employee Burnout and Turnover in High Stress Work Environments
  • Eric Zeemering: Prior Ties and the Context for Interlocal Cooperation
  • Edward Kellough, Ellen Rubin, Keith Baker, and Youjung Song: The End of Affirmative Action? Examining Arguments in the UNC and Harvard U.S. Supreme Court Cases
  • George Krause and David Lewis: Obtaining Comparable Measures of Agency Performance: An Application to U.S. Federal Agencies, 2010-2019
  • Ji-Hyeun Hong: When Does Employee Turnover Matter? Analyzing the Role of Organizational Memory in U.S. Federal Agencies