Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration

Kyoung-cheol (Casey) Kim is a PhD candidate in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Georgia. His research interests include bureaucracy, motivation, and institutional analysis. Especially, he concentrates on investigating how interventions of the artificial intelligence system as a novel decision-making agent in governance can transform functioning of humans, organizations, and the society.


MPA | The Bush School of Government and Public Service / Texas A&M University, College Station | 2019 | Public Management

MPA | Department of Public Administration / Konkuk University, Seoul | 2016 | Public Administration, with distinction

Bachelor of Arts | Department of Public Administration / Konkuk University, Seoul | 2010 | Public Administration, early graduation

More About

Camilla Stivers Best Article Award in Perspectives on Public Management and Governance. 2022. Awarded by Public Management Research Association

Indiana University, Ostrom Workshop, Associate

Georgia Institute of Technology, Cybersecurity Summer Institute, Inaugural cohort

Teaching Assistant / Instructor, in American Government class (undergraduate-level), discussion sessions, Aug 2020-current, the School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia

Research Interests

Public Administration
Organization Theory
Artificial Intelligence
Decision Making
Administrative Behavior

Selected Publications

[Peer-Reviewed Articles]

Kuzio, Jacqueline, Mohammad Ahmadi, Kyoung-cheol Kim, Yi-fan Wang, Michael Migaud, and Justin B. Bullock. 2022. Building Better Global Data Governance. Data & Policy.

Bullock, Justin B., Hsini Huang, and Kyoung-cheol Kim (authorship in an alphabetical order by last name, corresponding author). 2022. Machine Intelligence, Bureaucracy, and Human Control. Perspectives on Public Management and Governance special edition Reappraising Bureaucracy in the 21st Century.

Huang, Hsini, Kyoung-cheol Kim, Justin B. Bullock, Matthew M. Young. 2021. A Matter of Perspective: Differential Evaluations of AI Tools Between Managers and Staff in an Experimental Simulation. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration Special edition Experimental Research to Advance Public Administration and Public Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Young, Matthew M., Johannes Himmelreich, Justin B Bullock, and Kyoung-cheol Kim. 2021. Artificial Intelligence and Administrative Evil. Perspectives on Public Management and Governance.

Bullock, Justin B., and Kyoung-cheol Kim. 2020. Creation of Artificial Bureaucrats. Proceedings of The 2nd European Conference on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Academic Conferences International.


[Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters]

Bullock, Justin B., Hsini Huang, Kyoung-cheol Kim, and Matthew M. Young (authorship in an alphabetical order by last name). 2022. “The Challenge of AI Governance for Public Organizations.” Oxford Handbook of AI Governance, Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.