Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration

Kyoung-cheol (Casey) Kim is a PhD student at the Department of Public Administration and Policy in the University of Georgia. He did second master’s majoring in Public Management at the Bush School of Government and Public Service in Texas A&M University. Before having working experiences, he majored in Public Administration during his undergraduate and first master’s studies in Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea. Speaking of working experiences, as an Army, he served a Marine Corps General as an executive assistant solider in the Ministry of National Defense, South Korea. After that, in addition to working in a non-profit agency, he worked as a researcher in the Seoul Institute which is a think-tank of the Seoul city being involved in a developing participatory evaluation inclusive governance system project. During his first master’s, he worked in a research center of the university participating in performance management and measurement projects associated with central government departments, municipalities, and public enterprises. His primary research interests involve bureaucracy (particularly covering decision making, discretion, legal task processing, and structural issues regarding chief executives, managers, and street level bureaucrats), motivation, and institutionalism. Nowadays, he is reflecting how introductions of the artificial intelligence (AI) system could transform theories and practices in the scholarship. In addition to dealing with the imperative research issue AI as it is, he especially considers that this novel issue could help us revisit classic theories in public administration and management as a better understanding or relevant revisions of those, plausibly having crucial implications to practices at the same time.


MPA | The Bush School / Texas A&M University, College Station | 2019 | Public Management
MPA | Department of Public Administration / Konkuk University, Seoul | 2016 | Public Administration
Bachelor’s of Public Administration | Department of Public Administration / Konkuk University, Seoul | 2010 | Public Administration

More About

Specialization: Bureaucracy, motivation, artificial intelligence

Of Note

Justin B. Bullock and Kyoung-cheol Kim. Creation of Artificial Bureaucrats. (accepted at European Conference on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 2020)

Matthew Young, Johannes Himmelreich, Justin B. Bullock, and Kyoung-cheol Kim. Artificial Intelligence and Administrative Evil. (under review at Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory)

Justin B. Bullock, Yu-che Chen, Kyoung-cheol Kim, Matthew Young, and Ping Zhang. Artificial Intelligence, Administrative Behavior, and The Criterion of Efficiency. (abstract accepted to Public Administration Review special edition in January 2020)

Matthew Young, Justin B. Bullock, Hsini Huang, and Kyoung-cheol Kim. A Matter of Perspective: Differential Evaluations of AI Tools Between Managers and Staff in an Experimental Simulation. (abstract accepted to Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration special edition Experimental Research to Advance Public Administration and Public Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region)

“AI Tools, Organizational Costs, and Ethical Design” (with Justin Bullock and Ping Zhang). Abstract submitted to be presented at the 2020 Public Management Research Association Conference, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI.

“Administrative Evil, New Technological Tools, & The Treatment of Surplus Populations: Illegal Immigrants in North Rahkine & South Texas,” (with Justin Bullock). Presented at the 2019 Midwestern Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

“Research on the Determinants of Performance of Public Enterprises in the Causality Perspective.” Presented at the 2017 Korean Association for Policy Analysis and Evaluation Conference, Seoul, Korea. (in Korean)

“A Suggestion for Enhancing Scientific Characters of Policy Study: Focused on Performance Measurement Case of South Korea.” Presented at the 2016 Korean Association for Policy Studies Conference, Seoul, Korea.