UGA Faculty & Graduate Students Present at SECoPA 2015

At the recent SECoPA 2015 conference, University of Georgia had an incredible showing of faculty and graduate student presentations. The following papers were presented:

  • “Deferred AcVon for Childhood Arrivals: How Does It Influence the Lives of Undocumented Immigrants? A QualitaVve Study from Southern California.” Roger Qiyuan Jin, University of Georgia and Xin Tong, University of California
  • “External Influences on Decision-Making: An Analysis of the Federal Grant Award Selection Process.” Jordan T. Long and Benjamin M. Brunjes, University of Georgia
  • “Location Factors and the Attraction of Small Business innovation Research Award Funding.” Heather Rimes and Harin Woo, University of Georgia
  • Convener: Brian N. Williams, University of Georgia¬† :The Challenges of Co-Producing Needed Services at Local, Regional, NaNonal, and Global Levels: Converging ImplicaNons for effective Management?
  • “The Co-production of Endangered Species conservation: Global Cases and Managerial implications.” Shelby Barron, University of Georgia
  • Co-production in action: The Federal Management of Public Health and Emergency Response at the Regional and Local Levels.” Thomas Gus Elliot, University of Georgia
  • “Public-Private Partnerships in Developing Countries: Analysis of Infrastructure Projects and implications for effective Management.” Seong C. Kang, Dhanakorn Mulaphong, Eunjin Hwang, and Chih-Kai Chang, University of Georgia
  • “Co-production in the Context of Heat Warning Systems: Implications for Local Government Managers.” Hadley Nobles, University of Georgia
  • “The Effects of Racial and Socioeconomic Diversity and Civic Engagement on the Co-Production of Public Health through Childhood Vaccination.” Courtney Yarbrough, University of Georgia
  • “The Co-Productions of Women’s Health: Planned Parenthood and the State of Texas.” Brianna Roberts, Ronnie Kurtz, and Lucas Cioffi, University of Georgia
  • “Workforce Diversity and OrganizaVonal CiVzenship Behavior: The ModeraVng Role of Transformational Leadership.” Kukkyoung Moon, University of Georgia
  • “The Impact of Dodd-Frank on Municipal Bond Prices.” Mikhail Ivonchyk, University of Georgia
  • “The Uncontrollable BureaucraVc DiscreVon and the Limited Legal Constraint: A Case Study of Supreme Court Rulings in Taiwan.” Yu-Chun Lin, University of Georgia and Don-Yun Chen, NaVonal Chengchi University
  • “Youth Development Programs: CiVzenship, PSM, and Public AdministraVon.” Thomas K. Valentine, University of Georgia
  • “Implementation Performance: The Effects of Internal Managerial Reforms on Community Policing activities.” Seong C. Kang, University of Georgia
  • “The Phenomenology of OrganizaVonal Change: Lessons Learned from a Local Law Enforcement Case.” Brian N. Williams and Brianna Roberts, University of Georgia