Professor Keith Dougherty has been named the Associate Editor for the journal Public Choice. Public Choicestudies the intersection between economics and political science. The journal plays a central role in fostering exchange between economists and political scientists, enabling both communities to explain and learn from each other’s perspectives.

Dougherty has submitted manuscripts to the journal for a number of years and has been an active member of the executive committee for the Public Choice Society since 2013.  Past presidents of the society include four nobel laureates and big names like William Riker, Mancur Olson, and Charles Plott.

“Although the journal is separate from the society, it was a bit of a surprise and an honor to be asked to join the editorial team.  I guess it indicates that the journal values my judgment on manuscripts and trusts I will make good decisions,” said Dougherty. “I will join the editorial board as one of three associate editors on June 1.  My emphasis will be primarily handling manuscripts in formal theory and/or political science.  I hope to continue my active research agenda, to teach well in the classroom, and to raise two great kids at the same time.”

Dr. Dougherty is one of seven SPIA professors with editorships. The other journals include:

Public Administration Review (Deborah Carroll, associate editor)
The Journal of Intelligence and National Security (Loch Johnson, editor)
1540 Compass (Igor Kripunov, editor)
The European Journal of Political Research (Cas Mudde, editor)
The Journal of Public Policy (Andrew Whitford, editor)
The Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (Bradley E. Wright, editor)