Harin Woo, a PhD candidate in the Department of Public Administration and Policy, has won an Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant from the University of Georgia Graduate School. The $1,500 grant will help fund her dissertation research and will be used for supplies, travel, software, and data collection and analysis.

“My research is about how the advancement of technology affects local public health managers’ behaviors – in terms of information-seeking and -sharing activities – when they make decisions and implement policies.” said Woo. “Thanks to the Interdisciplinary and Innovative Research Grant, I can focus on my dissertation work, especially data analysis, during this summer.”

Her dissertation project is entitled: “Facilitating and Improving the Exchange of Health Care Information in the US: How Advanced Technology Promotes Information Sharing among Organizations”. The ultimate objective of her research is to identify how local government agencies have proactively developed and changed strategies for information sharing to enhance health policy, especially electronic health records program implementation.