As part of International Education Month, Public Administration and Policy is celebrating some of our outstanding international students. Meet Su Young Choi.

Su Young Choi is a fourth-year Ph.D. student of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Georgia. Originally from South Korea, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Diplomacy (South Korea), and a master’s degree in International Studies (South Korea). After working in the field of international development cooperation for 11 years, she enrolled in the MPA at UGA and earned her second master’s degree in Public Administration in 2018. Her areas of study are Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Finance, Volunteerism, Governance, and Government-Nonprofit Relationships.

Before joining UGA, Su Young worked at many different International Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) aiming to end poverty in developing countries. She also worked at the government agency Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) where she gained experiences in public policy, cross-sector collaboration, and public project development. She worked and lived in Mongolia for two years and Vietnam for four years.

Currently, as an instructor of record, Su Young teaches PADP 4646: Introduction to Nonprofit Administration. Her work has been presented at various conferences, and her research was first published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2021.

Outside of the Ph.D. program, Su Young enjoys spending time with her husband, Hyun Cheol, and children, Hoyeon and Yeonjae, and traveling around Georgia with her family.