Senior Power or Senior Peril: Aged Communities and American Society in the Twenty-First Century by Brittany H. Bramlett examines the political block of influence Baby Boomers will have in the future. Will it make them more powerful, or powerless? Bramlett uses on site interviews and research done in senior communities to present ideas on redistribtion of welfare benefits, resident’s poliltical knowledge, political activity among seniors, and more.

The Three Governors Controversy: Skullduggery, Machinations, and the Decline of Georgia’s Progressive Politics by Charles S. Bullock III, Scott E. Buchanan, and Ronald Keith Gaddie explores the ramifications kicked off by the death of Georgia’s governor-elect, Eugene Talmage, in 1964.   At that time, Georgia had three men claiming to be the active governor, each claiming they were the next  by rules of succession.

Diversity Matters: Judicial Policy Making in the U.S. Court of Appeals by Susan B. Haire and Laura P. Moyer examines the affects of diversity on judicial decision making as it relates to gender and race. Does diversity only impact judges’ choices, or does it also have implications on overall quality of judicial deliberation and decisions?