by Shelby R. Steuart

Dr. Shane Singh, a UGA SPIA Professor has recently been accepted as a Visiting Democracy Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University for the 2018-2019 school year. He is planning on staying at UGA for the fall semester to teach and will be at Harvard for the spring semester and the summer.

The Democracy Program at the Ash Center was created in attempt to build an intellectual, scholarly community researching unique aspects of democratic governance. Dr. Singh’s research focuses on compulsory voting and the implications it has for the rate of valid ballots it produces, how it affects political engagement, and how it affects the way political parties seek votes.

While serving as a Democracy Fellow, Dr. Singh will work on his upcoming book, Beyond Turnout, which weaves together the more subtle effects of compulsory voting. Beyond Turnout is under contract with Oxford University Press and should be published in 2021.

While at the Ash Center, Dr. Singh will work with a group of researchers who specialize in electoral behavior, comparative elections, and electoral systems, within the comparative politics branch of political study.