On May 12-13, CITS held a stakeholder meeting of the U.S.-China New Relationship Colloquium in Beijing. The Colloquium is an outcome of 18 months of continuous preparation, negotiation, and deliberation with support from the Ford Foundation’s Beijing Office. It will meet twice yearly to develop solutions and policy guidance on issues in U.S.-China relations. The Colloquium is a partnership among CITS, the Central University of Finance and Economics, and the China Reform Forum. A small group of experts, representing expertise in economics, trade, and security from both countries, spent two days discussing and conceptualizing the structure, activity, and future sustainability of the Colloquium. The overall objective is to build mutually beneficial relations between the peoples and business enterprises of the United States and China at the local and regional levels. The group produced a white paper on “The Way Forward in U.S.-China Relations” that will be released in the near future.