The Center for International Trade and Security, in partnership with the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS), hosted a training workshop for a group of high-level Vietnamese nuclear professionals on “Understanding the Components of Nuclear Security Culture with a Special Focus on Radioactive Sources” in Hanoi, Vietnam between June 8-9. The workshop was funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The primary objective of the workshop was to introduce the concept of nuclear security culture and methodologies involved in inculcating security culture for radioactive sources (particularly portable and mobile) in the operational procedures of relevant facilities. provide in-depth and extensive training on nuclear security culture. The training included a series of lectures about the concept of nuclear security culture, security and safety culture, undertaking a security culture assessment, and many interactive group discussions.

The workshop was attended by over 20 participants from across the Vietnamese radiation and nuclear safety field, including scientists, engineers, and government officials.

The Center also hosted, from June 10 – 11, a training workshop entitled “Legislative & Regulatory Development for CBRN Security.”  This second workshop sought to build awareness among stakeholders in Vietnam regarding the need to craft effective regulations for CBRN silos, to fulfill the requirements of UNSC Resolution 1540 on both materials security and strategic trade controls.  The workshop promoted these objectives by sharing legislative and regulatory best practices, discussing STC development in ASEAN, and highlighting the efforts and activities undertaken by the EU and other international parties to support STC development in ASEAN.

The second workshop was attended by participants representing key Vietnamese government agencies and the Chamber of Commerce.