Hello everyone! My name is Connor Stockenberg! I just wanted to write a bit about how much I love all the professors I’ve had in SPIA so far and how I think everyone in SPIA, whether you’re a senior graduating soon or a freshman just starting out, should take full advantage of them. Of course, by this I mean you should take their classes, come to their office hours, get coffee with them. Whatever, really! Let’s dive into a few examples:

Last year I had the pleasure of doing the Applied Politics Program (which everyone in SPIA should also look into.) It is a great and incredible program within itself, but what makes it really special beyond the skills you learn or the professional connections you make in Georgia politics is the illustrious head of the program: Dr. Audrey Haynes. She has been an incredible mentor to me personally while also teaching some must-take classes such as Political Propaganda. On top of that, she is also just an incredible person who puts each and every one of her students first. She’ll buy you coffee and be an incredible resource to you long beyond your time at UGA. If you haven’t already, stop by her office or take one of her classes. You will not regret it!

Another professor I’d love to highlight here today is part of a program I am doing as we speak: Dr. Maryann Gallagher. Right now, I have her as part of the 2022-2023 cohort of the Security Leadership Program. And as we’re about halfway through the semester now, I can say that one of the biggest regrets I have in my college experience is not taking her until my senior year as part of the SLP. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all sorts of security related topics including the ones one would expect when talking about national security like nuclear non-proliferation (ask her about baby nukes) but also ones you would not expect typically, or at least I didn’t, about how gender and gender norms intersect with national security. She is also part of the long list of professors at UGA and in SPIA that always puts their students first and is a joy to talk to. She’s an incredible resource to have and I know just on the three months I’ve had her so far that I’ll be exchanging emails about the latest security crisis long after I graduate.

These are just some of the long list of professors I’ve had in SPIA that I implore anyone who is in the school to take. In my time here, I have learned just how great UGA’s network of professors are but I don’t think any of them can match to the top tier of professor that are the ones in SPIA. I’m hoping I can write some more on here about the many other SPIA professors that have already shaped my academic and professional experiences extensively! But, without getting too wordy, take these professors!