By: Elizabeth Carter

My name is Elizabeth Carter, and I am a Double Dawg studying International Affairs and Policy. My interests include resource deficiencies, human-centered design, and partnerships for development. I have had the privilege of being mentored through the UGA Mentor Program by Dr. Hiram Larew and Jessica Faber in the past year. Both Dawgs have experience at the US Agency for International Development- within offices I would love to work upon graduation.

With his extensive experience and vast network, Dr. Larew introduced me to colleagues across DC working in his sector, which allowed me to conduct many informational interviews and identify additional potential career opportunities. He also introduced me to and coached me through the “Individual Development Plan,” which has been critical in crafting my professional trajectory and improvements in my personal life.

Jessica and I have engaged in technical conversations about the partnership development process, the value of law school, and life as a Foreign Service Officer. Thanks to her well-traveled career, she also gave me the most amazing restaurant recommendation when I was in Bangkok in February.

UGA has provided me with opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. This program, the thoughtfulness and accessibility of its design, and the individuals within its platform have been pivotal in my prospects once I leave Athens. I am grateful and could not recommend it more highly. Sign up to start searching for a mentor at