By Paul Welch

The African Studies Institute is offering a new class under the Critical Issues in Contemporary Africa course number AFST 4200/6200 which will give students credit for preparing for the Annual Southeast Model African Union meeting in November.  The course is being offered by Dr. Ojo, Director of the African Studies Institute, TR 3:30-4:45 (call numbers 93834/93844).  This is an excellent opportunity for students to take the role of the leaders of an African country in dialogue with other representatives of other nations on the continent.  Highly recommended for both undergraduate and graduate students in History or Political Science or International Affairs or International Agriculture or Social Science Education.  Some of the students in this course will have the opportunity to attend the SE Model African Union meeting.  Please contact Dr. Ojo for additional information or pre-requisite overrides.

Note also that there is a second AFST 4200/6200 Critical Issues in Contemporary Africa class being offered this Fall by Dr. Whitney.  This class is the Globalization and Traditional Cultures course and will meet TR from 2-3:15 (call numbers 86650/93841) in room 507 Journalism.  This is a student centered class where the students decide on the globalization topics and traditional cultures that are of interest to them.  Highly recommended for students in Anthropology, Sociology, History, International Business, International Affairs, or Ecology, or International Agriculture.

There is also a 1 hour Africa Seminar (AFST 4950, call number 93742) which will meet on Wednesday at 12:20.  This is a S/U seminar that will cover a wide range of topics, including attending some of the APERO talks and some videos about Africa.  This seminar is open to students at all levels (Freshmen thru Seniors) with an interest in Africa.

Dr. Sandra E. Whitney
Adj. Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Geology
African Studies Institute
University of Georgia