Representation in public leadership ensures various perspectives are considered in policy making and implementation. 

The Morris E. and Frances G. Williams Minority Student Assistance Fund helps ensure minority students are properly trained to become effective public servants.

Oreyane Tate is a SPIA Master of Public Administration student benefiting from the Williams Fund. As an undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill, he co-founded a student organization focused on retaining minority students in STEM majors. After graduation, as a Chancellor’s Fellow at UNC, he participated in the development of the university’s strategic plan. This experience inspired him to pursue an MPA at UGA.

Now an aspiring medical professional who will serve at the nexus of policy and practice, Oreyane plans to use his degree to advance his leadership capabilities and better promote community health and wellness.

“UGA has designed a rigorous, high-ranked program that challenges its students to innovatively solve issues in which it’s critical to exchange ideas and engage in constructive debate with people from different backgrounds.”  – Oreyane Tate

Be a part of ensuring students who are underrepresented have opportunities in public service by giving to the Morris E. and Frances G. Williams Minority Student Assistance Fund.