The International Public Management Journal (IPMJ) just released their top cited articles over the last three years. Three of UGA’s Public Administration and Policy Department faculty members claim 3 of the top 10 articles, which are the only articles listed that are by U.S. scholars. Brad Wright, Department Head and Editor of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, was cited for his joint article with fellow UGA professor Rob Christensen titled “Measuring Public Service Motivation: Exploring the Equivalence of Existing Global Measures” as well as “Working Within Constraints: Can Transformational Leaders Alter the Experience of Red Tape?” Dr. Larry O’Toole, Golembiewski Professor of Public Administration and Distinguished Research Professor, was co-author on the top cited article, “I Think (I Am Doing Well), Therefore I Am: Assessing the Validity of Administrators’ Self-Assessments of Performance.” To see the full list check out IPMJ’s Facebook page.