SPIA has named Dr. Audrey Haynes the new Director of the Certificate in Applied Politics Program. The Certificate in Applied Politics and Public Affairs Communication (CAPPAC) is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students who are majoring in SPIA and Grady for careers in politics by providing them with the practical knowledge and technical skills needed for the field. Students will engage in real-world applications in order to gain a competitive advantage in the area of professional politics and public affairs. The program will follow a cohort model so that students can develop working relationships to last years after graduating from UGA. The CAPPAC will offer two tracks beginning in the fall of 2016: Applied Politics and Public Affairs Communications.
Dr. Haynes plans to create an innovative, instructive, interdisciplinary, and interactive learning experience for students. Students will have the opportunity to discuss and analyze the substance of topics relating to campaign management, campaign finance, lobbying, polling, marketing, and political communications of all kinds. Participants will apply what they learn in the classroom by networking with individuals who work in professional politics for a living and gain experience through internships.
Dr. Haynes hopes to get to know and connect with every student in the program so that each student’s experience is tailored to their needs and interests, and create the best learning environment possible for program participants. “I am personally looking forward to connecting students to the people who are doing applied politics on a daily basis and helping expose these students to the information and materials that will enhance their ability to pursue a career in applied politics,” Haynes said.
A CAPPAC will aid students immensely as they graduate and enter the workforce, and professionals in the field will appreciate the unique and practical expertise of these students.
The deadline to apply is February 15, 2016.