The School of Public and International Affairs launched a new Bachelor of Science Degree in political science in Fall 2019.

The B.S. degree in Political Science is a program focused on the theory and methods underpinning research in strategic behavior and data analytics. Through the program, students will develop analytical and data-focused skills with advanced research methods sequences and courses in political theory. 

“Like so many fields in the social sciences, political science is increasingly quantitative. It’s how we ask and answer questions about politics and policy,” said Matthew Auer, Dean of UGA’s School of Public and International Affairs. “The new Bachelor of Science in Political Science meets the needs of students who seek a more quantitatively-oriented course of study, and SPIA’s faculty are definitely well-positioned to deliver on that promise.”

The new degree program emphasizes data analytics, survey research, written communication, and group-based decision-making skills. The tailored courses allow students to analyze public opinion, campaign results, and election outcomes as well as develop empirically based solutions to policy problems. Through the curriculum, students will also explore United States politics, political institutions and behavior, and legal and constitutional issues. 

“Data analytics is one of the fastest growing areas of the U.S. economy, said Scott Ainsworth, Political Science Department Head. “The B.S. degree program is an exciting new opportunity for political science majors who want to develop more data analytic skills to prepare for our changing economy.” 

The B.S. degree program caters to students interested in using their mathematics skills to develop and apply new skills in data analytics. Completion of the 30-hour program will prepare students for data-driven career opportunities upon graduation. 

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