Model UN is an interactive simulation of the United Nations that challenges students to learn about international topics and issues. Students act as delegates from various countries and debate topics ranging from economics to global terrorism to human trafficking. Model UN tests students’ rhetorical abilities, but also encourages them to compromise in order to build a consensus. The ultimate goal is to show that diplomacy involves complex, structured debate that will, at its best, produce effective resolutions.

The University of Georgia hosts a traditional high school conference (February 6-8, 2015) that includes most of the General Assemblies of the United Nations. It also includes a few “crisis” committees that are tailored to inspire students with a concentrated interest in various special topics. These committees are more flexible and are often related to specific, timely subjects. Various “crises” occur throughout the conference that force delegates to react with quick, thoughtful decisions to produce a preferred outcome.

At the collegiate level, UGA Model UN competes with some of the finest schools in the country. The delegates have been recipients of awards from various conferences and strive to continue the tradition of excellence.