SPIA’s Dr. Gregory Thaler, Assistant Professor in the Department of International Affairs, has a new article in World Development, now available online.

Thaler’s research examines the political ecology and political economy of development, global environmental governance, and agrarian politics. He has a special interest in comparative and ethnographic methodology and regional focuses in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

His new article, “From Frontier Governance to Governance Frontier: The Political Geography of Brazil’s Amazon Transition,” examines the role of frontier governance in the decline of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. This research draws on Thaler’s fieldwork across four Amazonian municipalities and inside an environmental non-governmental organization.

Thaler will be discussing this research, as well as sharing some background information on his fieldwork and research, on an upcoming episode of the SPIA Spinoff.

Thaler’s article will be available to readers online, for free, for the next 50 days.