The separation of powers system established by the United States Constitution requires political scientists to think about how the institutions they study are influenced and constrained by the other branches.  Scholars in congressional, judicial, and presidential subfields all produce scholarly work on separation of powers topics.  While there is a great deal of emerging research within each subfield of American politics research, there is far less work that pushes the boundaries of traditional subfields.
It is our hope that separation of powers research can be expanded and improved by breaking down traditional subfield boundaries that currently abound in the literature.  This conference will bring together prominent and emerging scholars from the congressional, presidential, and judicial subfields.  We hope the conference will provide a modest step in moving the separation of powers literature towards a more unified discipline-based approach.

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Travel Information:

For those of you flying to Georgia for the conference, you should book your flight and plan on arriving at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport on Thursday, February 19, 2016. To get to Athens, either rent a car or make reservations with Groome Transportation airport shuttle service (800-896-9928 or 706-410-2363). It will deliver and pick up passengers at the Georgia Center where the conference is being held and rates are $63 roundtrip Atlanta-Athens-Atlanta. If you choose the shuttle service, be sure to check the Groome service times for Athens before making air reservations in order to avoid lengthy waits at the airport – its probably a good idea to do this by telephone rather than relying on their website.

For directions to the Georgia Center Hotel, click here. A bloc of rooms has been reserved at the Georgia Center, 1197 South Lumpkin St., Athens, GA (telephone: 800-884-1381) for conference participants. The rate is $99-119 plus taxes depending upon the type of room requested. Please mention the conference group for this rate.  For anyone driving, parking is available in the deck behind the Georgia Center at a flat daily rate.