Congratulations to Sohee Kang for being selected as June MPA Student of the Month!

Sohee Kang is a student from South Korea pursuing a dual degree through the UGA MPA program and the Masters of Global Public Administration at Seoul National University. She is set to graduate at the end of the fall semester in 2024. Prior to her graduate studies, she had worked as a deputy director (grade 5) at the Ministry of Education in Korea, where she specialized in university administration and higher education policy. Her efforts particularly focused on expanding college opportunities for socially vulnerable groups.

With five years of working experience, being considered a mid-career professional in public administration, she decided to pursue in-depth academic training to enhance her advanced managerial skills, flexible perspective, and analytical abilities. Currently on a nation-sponsored academic leave, she is preparing to take her career to the next level through the UGA MPA program. Known for her diligence and willingness, Sohee has successfully completed her first year in the UGA MPA program. During the summer break, she plans to conduct in-depth research on collaboration strategies between universities and local industries, a field she has long been interested in.

Upon graduation, Sohee Kang plans to return to Korea and resume her position at the Ministry of Education. She hopes that her experience at UGA will elevate her professional competency and confidence.