Dear Political Science Department Alumni and Friends,

It’s always fun to be in touch with alumni and friends so we can share news on recent developments and points of pride. Did you know that the U.S. News and World Report now ranks your Political Science Department 13th in the nation among public universities in American Politics? Faculty, students, and alumni like you have all played a role in our successes.

Many new faculty have been hired since you were here. Several of these new faculty are already among our most popular and gifted instructors. Our major grows year in and year out because of the dedication of faculty to inspire young students through coursework and hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

Faculty supervise more internships than ever before. Students work with faculty on research related to everything from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Social Security Administration, from congressional rules to presidential signing statements, and from U.S. District Courts to the Supreme Court. These opportunities provide students with a signature experience that builds both expertise and poise, the very qualities sought by employees and graduate schools alike.

We are proud to see our students work for think tanks such as the Pew Research Center and Heritage Foundation, attend the very best graduate programs, pursue exciting business opportunities, or work on Capitol Hill.

The department now offers a B.S. degree option and certificates in Applied Politics as well as Data Analytics in Public Policy. We will continue to expand opportunities for our students, but our students could use your support. Please consider a contribution to the Political Science General Fund, so that students and faculty alike can build on our current momentum.

On behalf of myself and the Department of Political Science, we thank you for your support and interest in your political science home at the University of Georgia. Please feel free to update us with any new contact information or news you wish to share.


Scott Ainsworth
Professor of Political Science
Head of Department of Political Science


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