The Center for International Trade and Security was in Rabat, Morocco from March 12 – March 16 to train government officials from Nigeria on nuclear security culture and nuclear security culture self-assessment.  The event was generously supported by the Partnership on Nuclear Threat Reduction (PNTR) at the U.S. Department of State and in conjunction with Ibn Tofail University in Morocco.

The 5-day workshop provided training on three distinct themes related to nuclear security: (1) the concept and importance of nuclear security culture (NSC), (2) the IAEA methodology on nuclear security culture self-assessment, and (3) nuclear security culture enhancement and sustainability.  Through this workshop, participants developed expertise and skills on nuclear security culture self-assessment and gained tools and resources to conduct tailored actions plans.

This training made several news outlets, including this online French publication:

Nucléaire – Cinq textes réglementaires élaborés en matière de sécurité nucléaire au Maroc et plus d’une dizaine prévue d’ici 2019