Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science & International Affairs

Jackson Tilley is a first-year PhD student in Political Science and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. Specializing in International Relations, Jackson focuses his research on international conflict and conflict-resolution.


B.A., Political Science, Louisiana State University, 2020 (Magna Cum Laude)

More About

Raised in Central Louisiana, Jackson had an interest in politics from an early age. During his time at Louisiana State University, he concentrated his studies on international politics and law. In addition to his studies, Jackson worked as a research assistant to various faculty members and graduate students within the Department of Political Science. His work helped lead to the development of new tools in the understanding cyber-attacks and limited probe theory in the realm of international relations. This experience, in addition to spending a semester abroad in Western Europe, helped narrow Jackson’s research focus to inter-state conflict, specifically between world powers. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Political Science, Jackson decided to pursue his interest in international relations further through graduate school. Outside of class, Jackson is often hiking, reading a good book, sipping coffee at local café, or playing guitar.

Research Interests

Jackson’s primary research interests consist of inter-state conflict and conflict-resolution. Space lies at the forefront of Jackson’s research as he analyzes the potential of this new frontier not only as a war-fighting domain but also as a potential avenue for cooperation among world powers. Due to the nature of the subject, Jackson also has a deep interest in political economy, security and intelligence studies, and science and technology.