Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Naira is Brazilian and graduated as a lawyer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo with a full scholarship from the Brazilian Government. She is also a specialist in Public Management from INSPER, Institute of Education and Research. As a public school student, she obtained a full scholarship to attend high school at one of the most traditional private schools in the country. As a member of the Brazilian Fencing Team, she competed in over 20 countries representing Brazil. During college, she interned at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, and the Court of Justice. She worked as a Legislative Assistant for State Deputy Daniel Jose, assisting in the development of bills for basic and higher education in the State. She ran for City Councilor in Sao Paulo and currently holds the position of first alternate with 15,791 votes. As a Legislative Assistant for Councilwoman Cris Monteiro at the Sao Paulo City Council, she drafted bills related to education, job creation, income generation, and new sources of revenue for public funds. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Georgia.


Bachelor’s Degree | Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo | 2018 | Law; Specialization INSPER

Institute of Education and Research | 2021 | Public Management

International Exchange to Medellin, Colombia: Naira was selected to participate in a Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship program with 29 other young Latin Americans. The program was organized by the Latin America Leadership Academy, an NGO dedicated to shaping the next generation of leaders in Latin America. During law school, she was the author of the Scientific Initiation Project titled “Application of Pro Bono Advocacy in Custody Hearings in the State of Sao Paulo.” In this research, Naira proposed the integration of Pro Bono Advocacy and Custody Hearings to expedite the judicial process, complementing the work of the Public Defender’s Office and combating prison overcrowding. The work was evaluated with the highest grade by the evaluation committee.

More About

Career Goals

Naira intends to run for State Representative in São Paulo in the 2026 elections.

Relevant Work Experience

At the São Paulo City Council, Naira worked on constructing bills related to education, employment, income, and new sources of revenue for public funds; monitoring debates in the plenary and at the City Hall; contacting experts from civil society; coordinating integrated actions with other administrative areas; participating in community meetings and public hearings. As a candidate for councilor, she worked on developing a strategic plan to build a positive image on social media and in the local community; implementing social media strategies to increase visibility and engagement; creating a detailed financial plan with private fundraising; recruiting an efficient and committed team; mobilizing voters and volunteers; participating in events, debates, and community meetings. As a legislative assistant at the State Assembly, she conducted analyses of bills and other legislative documents to identify inconsistencies; provided technical and legal opinions to support the parliamentarian’s decisions; attended sessions of the education committee; collaborated with other areas to improve public policies across various sectors.

Of Note

Member of the Brazilian Fencing Team: South American Champion in 2018; silver and bronze medals in individual and team categories from 2011 to 2017; the only athlete in the Female Epee category representing Brazil at the editions of the World University Games in South Korea in 2017 and Taiwan in 2018; five-time Brazilian Fencing Champion.

Areas of Expertise

Politics; Public Education

Research Interests

Strategies and public policies capable of reducing school dropout rates.